When Lingerie Helps To Travel Safely

From Naples a curious news: in an underwear-shop located in the downtown,  it is possible to buy  for € 50,00 an original lingerie cloth. So far the invention is  reserved to women.

According to the inventor  the solution is easy, cheap and useful: under sewings and laces, on the front part of the knickers,  there is an occulted pocket,  where it is possible to hide money and little jewels, so that thieves cannot find them.

Nothing high-tech but a very simple idea to avoid thefts or robberies.

As often happens  the idea comes from the past, when women  going to the  local market used to hide the money in their breast. They were used to take off money just at the very last moment before paying, away from  indiscreet or curious eyes.  Knickers  are surely  safer  then bra.

And for men? The shop owner tell that he is studying a solution for men as it is impossible to hide a front pocket on pants. Easy to understand why!

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