South Of Italy: Basilicata, A Land Of Mith And Fable

Miles of unspoiled, white beaches, crystal clear water, vine covered cliffs and fishing villages where time stands still: all of this, and much more, is Basilicata. The area is soaked in history and tradition, ridged by mountains and dark, forested valleys, marked by ancient trails and paths.
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Rome: the National Museum of Italian Emigration

The National Museum of Italian Emigration, a new museum promoted by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Culture, has opened in Rome.

It covers every aspect of the emigration phenomenon, from the economic, social and cultural points of view. The museum is laid out in chronological order and covers themes such as recruiting, boarding, housing, types of work, integration and discrimination. Continue reading “Rome: the National Museum of Italian Emigration”

Italy curiosity: the Italian Cat Lady

Her name is Wanda Palumbo and she lives in Naples with her many cats. No matter if a cat has a problem, if it has been abandoned, if it is looking for a home, something to eat or just a little bit of love, Wanda welcomes any cat warmly and give them hospitality in her little cozy home, in the heart of the city. Continue reading “Italy curiosity: the Italian Cat Lady”