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We loved it!!!
We can't wait to go back one day.
It was everything we thought it would be and more and we definitely did not want to come home so soon. What did you see and do while you were there? We visited the Vatican, (amazing!) The ruins, Pantheon and the Coliseum. Everything was so large and overwhelming (in a good way). We also visited Florence and saw the statue of David at the Accademia museum. So many fantastic sights to see, food to eat and shopping.
We loved everything about Florence the most. It was fascinating to experience the Italian lifestyle from the narrow streets, the little shops, the many, many restaurants and how they extended into the streets for seating. Amazed at the lack of driving rules like we have in America. I like Italy's rules much better. LOL
Also loved that there wasn't music blaring everywhere. We sat and watched people often and noticed that how quiet it was yet still full of sounds. It was the sound of people visiting, walking, quiet traffic and local musicians playing in the piazza's. It was delightful and quite relaxing.
What did you dislike? Loved every minute of it.Just wanted to say thank you for making this the most enjoyable trip we've had. The treatment we received while in Italy from the hotel staff to the airlines was above and beyond our expectations.
The hotel staff at each hotel knew who we were as soon as we walked in the door and both hotels upgraded our rooms to ones with a private patio in Rome and a balcony in Florence.

I had a wonderful birthday on top of the honeymoon and everyone treated us like we were the only people there. Even the airlines brought us treats form the first class section and all the crew (not the pilots) came by to congratulate us on our honeymoon. This was on the trip home as our seats were separated. Norm visited the ticket agent before we got on the flight to see about changing out seats so we could sit together and they went as far as paging other passengers and asking them to move seats. And people DID!! It was awesome!! We honestly had the time of our lives and can't wait to go back some day. There is so much more we want to see next time.
Thank you again for treating us so well and making sure our honeymoon was perfect. We will never forget it or you and Trips2Italy. I'm definitely going to make sure I know more Italian next time. :-)
You can count on us to spread the word about Trips2Italy. You all are wonderful!!
Ciao e Grazie!!
Mr. & Mrs. Norm and Lori M.
"… Where to start... ITALY WAS AMAZING!!! I LOVE ITALY! … Rome breathtaking, historic, just a beautiful city. The people are beautiful and friendly. The city is beautiful. The tour guides were informative and friendly. I was just blown away by all the beautiful historic sites of the city. The food was amazing. I was not a wine drinker but now I am. The hotel staff was awesome, friendly, informative helpful, etc… Naples: Another beautiful city and people. The tour guide was great. The restaurant wear we ate at were extremely friendly and accomodating, especially concerning my food allergies (I received a very nice because of it!) The food was tasty. I just felt the tour of the city was a little short but I understood why.Pompeii: was breathtaking. It was surreal that I was actually IN Pompeii. The tour guide, again, very informative. She did an amazing job fitting all that history in a short amount of time. She gave us time browse the local shops…The country side is amazing!Venice: It was very nice. I did have a few mishaps in going to and in Venice. I actually missed my train going to Venice. I did not realize that there were no escalators or elevators in the train station, so struggling with my bags, I missed the train… Howver, once I was at the hotel. The staff was great. They were friendly, helpful, informative and recommended great places to eat…The day of my birthday, when I entered the lobby that morning, the hotel staff stopped what they were doing and wished me happy birthday! I could do nothing but blush and smile. The manager(?), gave me a piece of cake. It was my second piece, as the night staff gave me a piece of cake as well, after midnight for my birthday. The staff was also a pleasure to talk to and recommened a local restaurant that I frequented when I was there. The manager also arranged for me to have a private tour (I think) to the glass making factory. I was amazed by the craftsmanship! I also received your birthday wishes. Thank you. The private wine tasting tour was amazing as well! They were very catering and the wine and food was great! I went on a gondola ride as well to end my birthday night.… Overall, it was a fabulous trip!... Thank you and your staff so much for making this an amazing trip! The attention to detail and keeping me abreast of any changes in my trip. It was very comforting to know that you did follow up with me while in Italy. It was beautiful experience that I would not change. I…have become a fan of wine and Italian style pizza. I hope that I can plan another trip to Italy soon with you.Thank you so very much for making my birthday an Amazing experience"
We fell in love with Italy, the local passion, history, the ease to move around and food / wine / gelato / pastries / espresso!ASSISI – tranquil ; the perfect environment to relax and start our Italian journey. SIENNA – an enchanting bustle of intriguing streets lined with shops and eateries. FLORENCE – the art, architecture (David) and churches are outstanding – the walk up to the viewing area is worth the effort. BOLOGNA – fresh hand made pasta (tortellini) cooked to order in the laneway market was divine. The market stalls packed with fresh produce was great to have an espresso and watch the locals go by their daily routine. PADUA - the botanical garden was a real treat to see water lined garden with quaint bridges. The passion of our guide Mirjam; the energy driven every day was an absolute delight; insightful, encouraging and supportive of our desire to explore; we had a vision to explore back streets and out of tourist area's - of course this comes with some concerns and doubt; Mirjams reassurance to get lost (in a positive manner of course) gave both Tonya and i the courage to embark on our dream to explore where the locals eat, have coffee, pastries and view daily life in Italy; we walked through the most unforgettable back streets with confidence (installed by Mirjam) and enjoyed food and surroundings that surpassed our dreams (including 100’s of memorable photos). Thank you for coordinating a wonderful and memorable journey for both Tonya and i. I will certainly recommend Trips2Italy to all of my friends and family. The information supplied helped piece together an effortless journey in an unknown country for the both of us. regards Rob and Tonya
Hi Emily, Sorry the reply took so long, I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things!We really enjoyed the vacation everything went very smoothly and we both had a fantastic time! While we were there we saw the Vatican and took the tour, we walked all over Rome and did the Ancient Rome walking tour. We went to Pompeii and saw the ruins. We went to Assisi and saw the Basilica of St. Francis and the castle there. We went to Florence and had a tour of many of the buildings there and then on our own went to the Acadamia and saw the David as well as the Ufitzi museum. From there we went to Padua and Sienna and then on to Venice where we had a tour of St. Marks square and a gondola ride. We then just explored the city and the following day went to Moreno (Murano) and saw the glass blowing I'm sure there was more but those were the highlights!!I really loved all of it but my favorites were probably Assisi and Venice! All of the local tour guides were great, very knowledgeable and friendly particularly our tour for the Vatican Ludvig! All of the connections were smooth and we had no trouble with any of the vouchers. The hotels were all nice and the food was great!!I wish we had seen the David as part of the tour in Florence other than that everything was great. We really enjoyed our trip and we both felt like going with a tour group was the right choice for us it took all of the stress of planning and travel out so we could just enjoy Italy!!Let me know if I can answer any more questions! Sarah
Dear Ana and Tommasso, We want to thank you for the wonderful customized trip to Sicily. It was a trip of a lifetime and a dream come true. Everything about the trip was perfect, including having Tommasso along with us. This was definitely a trip we will never was perfect. TRIPS2ITALY is great and we would definitely recommend your agency to anyone wanting to see beautiful Italy and Sicily.
Dear Ana & Tommaso:Thank you....Thank you.....Thank you..... for the wonderful trip to Sicily planned for the Daughters of Italian Heritage. We all had such a wonderful time....the trip was amazing. The time and detail that was put into connecting a lot of us with our families and heritage while in Sicily was something we will all remember for a long time. Francisco did a fantastic job keeping us all together and explaining everything to us along the way. Victor and Vincent captured it all in their photos and video which we will cherish always. And of course Tommaso, made the whole trip even more exciting with all the extra little things he shared with us along the way. TRIPS2ITALY is the BEST. Ciao!
"Tommaso,We enjoyed the trip. We will go back again.The food was excellent and the private tours were neat. It was a terrific trip! Venetia B. "
"Good morning Tommasso,We want to thank you and your team for organizing such a wonderful trip. The views were spectacular and the team was very professional. The short duration was somewhat of a tease, but we will certainly want to go back and spend more time.Best regards, Joanne "
"Tommaso: As I wrote in my previous note, we were very happy with all of the arrangements you made for us and I have recommended Trips2Italy to a friend.As far as hotels: Albergo Terminus in Como great location. The Grand Visconti in Milan was an excellent choice – very nice hotel, close the subway, and in a quiet neighborhood with many restaurants for dinner only a short walk away. One place we would recommend to others is Trattoria Mibabbo, which opened a year ago. Excellent, a bit updated version of traditional food and only a couple of blocks away.Hotel Margherita in Monterossa, good location, etc., not fancy but fine. Actually, one of the things we appreciated was the fact they did bulk laundry at a very reasonable price.However, the Sheraton at the Milan airport – a great location of course, but has problems. The air conditioning and TV did not work in the first room they assigned us to. Had to call reception several times. The temp went from 28.1 to 28.8 in two hours as we tried to cool off the room. Finally, when someone came to the room, they immediately gave us a different room. Many places where the A/C does not work in the hotel.Hope these comments are helpful as you assist other people in their travel arrangements.Thank you again. Georgia "
" Tommaso, Denis and I just got into Sheraton hotel at Milan airport.Trip was great and all of your arrangements worked out very well. The guides and drivers were all knowledgeable and charming. The day trip to Turin was an excellent suggestion and the hikes in Cinque Terre got us away from the crowds.Thank you. Georgia "
"We loved the trip to Italy! We traveled June 4 - June 9. We left Rome and stopped in Assisi for lunch (beautiful mountain town), stopped in Siena and then spent 2 nights in Florence (an exciting city on a river and the tour of the Statue of David). Took an afternoon trip to Pisa. Then went to Bologna to walk through the markets and have lunch and stopped in Padua. Spent 2 nights in Venice with a gondola ride and toured the Murano glass factory! On the way back to Rome stopped in Montepulciano (right in the middle of Tuscany) for lunch. Spent 2 more nights in Rome and toured the Vatican - Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Square and Basilica. I loved seeing the countryside driving to each town. I liked stopping in the towns for a couple of hours for a small tour and then some free time. The tour was a good pace. We kept busy the whole time. Lucy,our tour guide, was an expert at knowing how much time to do everything - excellent pace. It was an excellent tour! I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to get a good feel of what Tuscany, from Rome to Venice, is like. Ciao!Wendy "
" Thanks for your email! Italy was amazing, I'm so glad we picked the places that we did. Each had it's own personality and we loved exploring them all.We loved walking around Venice, Burano is one of my favorite places in the world! It is so picturesque and adorable. We loved the Doge's Palace tour and walking through the Bridge of Sighs. We found amazing coffee house with live music and good food. The food tour in Rome was one of the highlights of our trip! The places we went to were so perfect and the tour guide (Anna) was amazing. It was such a great way to see the city, I would highly recommend it to anyone. The Vatican was of course incredible and we loved seeing the ruins and walking around. Our Pompeii tour guide (Francesco) was so passionate and informative. You could tell he really cared about his town and his tour, he had so much to say about everything. It was nice to have the private tour and I would continue to use him as a guide, he was really great. Sorrento had to be my favorite city we visited. The Hotel there was the best we stayed in, the view was incredible. The marina grande was so cute and just what we were looking for. The fresh food, gelato, shopping, just everything there was great. This town has an amazing vibe.The only disappointments were cancelled gondola tour but we did appreciate the customer service we received from your team around this. The transportation vouchers were great, everything went off without a hitch and everyone we interacted with was very helpful. It was really nice to not have to worry about cars, the timing, and the trains. It was really easy and well managed. Thanks for your assistance and your planning. It was an unforgettable trip! "
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