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it was unbelievable,
I’ve never experienced services at this level before and I will never travel without it in the future.

Amazingly, when minor issues arose, my phone rang and I was told the driver was late due to traffic.
The tour guides were incredibly knowledgeable and very well trained, the small groups or private tours were exceptional, especially walking past larger groups!
The food recommendations were perfect, not a bad meal. One recommendation would be to plot the restaurants on a map, in relation to the hotel would be helpful.
Having some meet you at every transfer holding a sign was a gift.

I will recommend you to everyone heading to Italy and will return my self in the near future!

Dear Tommaso,
Where to begin! Our Italian Honeymoon was one to remember for a lifetime!

You brought us to so many places all perfect in their own way. We were able to see the touristy and historical vibes of Venice, Rome, and the Vatican City but were also charmed by the Tuscan countryside and Florence as well as truly tasting Italy in Bologna.

Every detail of our trip from the guided tours to the free wine/champagne at every hotel and the restaurant recommendations was done with such care and thoughtfulness to making our trip absolutely perfect.

We wouldn't have wanted our trip planned by anyone else. Ciao e Grazie!

Rachel and Chase Krueger
Thank you so much for our unforgettable vacation! Everything followed the itinerary perfectly. Our private tour guides were spectacular!!
Very knowledgeable and super friendly. Transportation drivers were great and always on time. Hotels were perfect and centrally located and very easy for us to walk anywhere. My favorite was Florence - Tuscany(San Gimignano), we loved the wine tasting and lunch at the winery!

My husband and our kids enjoyed Rome the best. The Colosseum and the Roman Forum were spectacular! Francesca (our tour guide) was phenomenal!

Thank you so much for putting together this incredible trip for our family! So much more we want to see and will definitely be contacting you in the future!

I have returned! I want to personally thank you, and the entire Trips2Italy Team for an unbelievable, once in a lifetime experience! Everything was wonderful….but, I did want to provide some feedback on my experiences.

Milan – Hotel was outstanding. I discovered an amazing restaurant that I would highly recommend….Il Solferino. Lake Como, despite being the off-season was one of the highlights of the trip. The funicular was well worth it.

Venice – Venice was mind-blowing! It was far more spectacular than I possibly imagined! The hotel was adequate. Everything is Venice was amazing.

Florence – The hotel was adequate. The trip to Pisa and the accompanying guided tour were well worth it.

Rome – The hotel was adequate. Rome was exceptional! So much to see and do! One of the highlights of the trip! The guides on my small group tours did an exceptional job at St. Peter’s Cathedral/Vatican Museum Tour and Ancient Rome Tour. Both guides were outstanding! I look forward to going back to Rome!

Naples – Hotel was very, very, very nice! I was not impressed by Naples! I did a self-guided tour of Pompeii…and, I would not recommend that. The commuter train to Pompeii was a mess. The Amalfi Coast was spectacular. I could not imagine taking a guided tour of the Amalfi Coast….the best part was exploring on my own! I made a point to experience Naples pizza….and, I would highly recommend Da Michele and Gino Sorbillo for the best pizza!

I think my take-aways from this trip are:

I realized I am 4-star hotel person. The lower star hotels were all adequate; however, my expectation was a little greater.
I really appreciated the personal touches you provided at each hotel (i.e. the birthday gift, bottle of wine, biscotti, etc.). These small gestures meant a lot…and, were greatly appreciated!
A non-stop flight to Milan would have been more convenient than a layover in Paris.
I know we spent quite a bit of time debating the use of a rental car in Naples for touring the Amalfi Coast. You shared your opinion of driving in Naples and on the Amalfi Coast were not recommended. After having done it….it was very easy and a much better way to see it than a guided tour! I appreciate you sharing your opinion and advising me; however, the biggest complication was locating and renting a car for my trip. In hindsight, I wish all of this had been coordinated by Trips2Italy in advance. I would recommend making it clear to customers the possible concerns….but, providing the service for them if they wish to do it.
One of the biggest advantages to this trip was that it was the off-season! I can’t imagine travelling to these same places during peak vacation season. I would definitely do the off-season again!

The pre-arranged transportation to/from the airports was a plus! It’s one less thing you need to think about!
We discussed it prior to my trip….but, I would have greatly preferred electronic documents (vouchers, hotels, etc.). At least having everything available electronically as a reference or as a backup would have been much easier!
I had never used a travel agency before…but, I am now a believer. Coordinating all of the details, the educational telephone call before the trip, etc.….were all an enormous advantage. I will definitely use Trips2Italy for my next trip to Italy. I only wish you did more than just Italy.

Overall, the trip was incredible. I look forward to visiting Venice and Rome again in the future…but, I would not need to visit the other locations again. Thank you very much for the outstanding job putting everything together.

Michael B.
Dear Tommaso,

I just want to say that we had an AMAZING was everything I've ever imagined.
The pizza was amazing...I ate pizza every day :), my husband loved the gelato; and he ate it everyday of course.

Rome was fantastic, the architecture was exquisite and my favorite place in Rome was the Vatican city...all the art it was just beautiful. Hotel Cortina was cozy and very intimate...the personnel were so friendly and sweet...our tour guides were amazing also...every one of them did a fantastic job.

Florence was beautiful...Tuscany (San Gimignano) was my favorite...the view! Chianti and the wine experience...Hotel Baglioni was perfect, we were in the middle of everything and with a walking distance...

Venice was very cold!!! but great experience to finally see the famous canal. Our tour to Murano and Burano was amazing, I fell in love with see the color houses wow, Im trying to convince my husband to paint our house purple haha its not working.
Hotel in Venice is beautiful...the check-in ladies were so helpful and friendly...our room was so pretty...
It was the best vacation ever! Cannot wait to go back and see the rest of Italy.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!
you did an awesome job, putting our trip together...looking forward to see you again for our next trip to ITALY.

Arrivederci e gracie mille
Olga & Randal S.

Hello! I'm sorry it took me so long to reply, but the trip was fantastic! Your timing of the flights, the airport pickup, train tickets were all flawless. Your choices for our tours, the tour guides were excellent, and all of the transportation drivers were great. It was a trip Tina and I will always remember, when we got home friends would ask what we enjoyed the most in our trip, we couldn't single out one particular thing, it was all good.

There were only a few small issues I wanted to let you know about. The driver that took us to the Ferrari museum was a half hour late, a little opinionated , and drove, we'll say kinda fast on the way back, I drive a race car, so that might tell you something. The map from the train station in Lucca to our meeting point was confusing, yes we got lost, but our guide waited for us and was awesome. We did get lost in Venice and Rome, but that's our fault, and normal from what I'm told.

I almost forgot to mention that all of the hotels you selected were very nice and well located, and the staff in each of them were very helpful. Your trip coordination with Kelly worked out excellent as well. I have to Thank Tommaso for his help too.

It was a great trip that we will always remember. Thank you so much for your help in planning our vacation!

Joe and Tina P.
Hi Teri! I am so sorry for not letting you know how the trip was! I have been meaning to email you since Thursday last week, but I have been so busy with getting caught up with work and daily living.

The trip was FABULOUS!! We loved every minute! Siena was wonderful and we LOVED the hotel. It was so quaint and charming and the view from the garden patio was amazing. And the breakfast buffet, excellent!
All staff were very helpful and made two dinner reservations from your list. I don't have it in front of me at the moment, but both places were amazing. I can let you know the names if you want me to when I get home. Did I mention the view off the garden patio?? Best hotel ever. :D

The Brunello wine tour was really nice at the winery, although the one at the shop in Montelcino was ehhhh, but we loved Montelcino, although we only had like 15 minutes to walk around (which was disappointing since we got back to Siena 30 minutes early. Beautiful little hilltop town though.
Our Siena small group tour was very informative and our guide was so cute and very proud of her neighborhood. Pisa and Lucca were great. Our tour guide for Pisa was fun and knowledgeable and loved taking our picture. :)

We LOVED Lucca and YES we rode bikes- around twice and my butt was tired. Our driver, Francesco was so friendly and so Italian! We loved him.
We were really glad we had him as our driver for Pisa/Lucca and our next day Chianti tour. Here is where Jeff and Julie joined up with us in Florence. We changed up our towns to visit, going to Volterra (instead of Siena), San Gimignano and Castellina de Chianti. Francesco was up for driving us wherever we wanted to go.

Volterra was amazing and cannot believe they still have an arch from the Etruscian times 700 BC! What!?!

We bought stuff for a picnic lunch, bought a beautiful alabaster vase and of course gelato before going to the Chianti winery. This wine tour was amazing, such a beautiful farm. Having the private tour with the owner was very interesting and we met the his wife also (she being American) and she brought out a few more wines to taste. :) And we met the winery kitty. So that evening for dinner we got the Bistecca alla Fiorentina! Oh yes, come to Moma!! ;)

Let's see, the next day we had Marco as our tour guide through Florence and he was great and very Italian. He took us to some not so touristy areas so that was nice. We did get to the Accademia and were amazed at The David. He is was just so perfect and so much larger than life.
Our trip to Cinque Terre was good. Although if I went again, I would like to do the towns by ourselves. We didn't get to hike the trails between the towns, which we wanted to do to get some of those amazing views and people would be late meeting so that was frustrating. Although, the lunch was fabulous Vernazza! Our poor waiter was run to death though. Taking care of 17 people by himself and being a little larger and unable to squeeze between chairs, made it difficult for him to fully take care of us. That being said, Cinque Terre was just beautiful to experience; the colorful buildings on the mountainside and the crystal blue waters were breathtaking.

Our last day in Florence was most excellent also. We had Gaia as our food guide through Oltrarno. We had such a good time with her and learning about the foods of Florence. And we all ate Lampredotto! Paul and Jeff wanted to go back there for a late lunch. After that tour, Paul and I continued on walking tour through Oltrarno ourselves, ultimately making our way back over the river to the Uffizi. After that, although our feet were killing us, we went back over the river to Piazzale Michelangelo for the sunset view of Florence :D AMAZING!!

Jeff and Julie went to San Miniato for some Gregorian chants and made it for the sunset also.

It was an AMAZING trip that you and your Italian cohorts created for us. We were so amazed at the architecture, the countryside, the food, the wine and the people. Just a beautiful country all around. AND just so you know, I don't think we missed a day without gelato and my favorite was chocolate orange from Gelateria della Passera in Oltrarno.

Julie, anything to add?

Again thank you Teri and Trips2Italy for all your help in putting this amazing 25th anniversary trip together for us. I will definitely recommend you!!
Kelly G. - Travel Agency's Client
Hi Emily,

We loved Italy. Most everything about it.
Hotel Rapello was very nice and I would recommend it to anyone. The staff was great, the room was nice. We walked soo much that when walking back to the hotel was a bit tiring. Not too bad but it may be slightly better to stay closer to the city centre.
Hotel Quiranale was a very nice hotel. Room was nice. Very ornate lobby and surroundings. Breakfast was a buffet that I would say was just fair. I liked Hotel Rapellos breakfast better even though quite a bit smaller. I think we would have preferred the hotel to be closer to the Forum/Coliseum area. As with in Florence, once we got back to the hotel it was a long walk back to areas we tended to want to be. i.e. Trastevere. Don’t get me wrong here, we enjoyed the hotel and had a great time. We just ducked into small streets and found great Trattorias and restaurants. Had lots of great food and wine in Rome and Florence.

The bus tour out to Tuscany was great. Siena, Pisa were all great to see. In addition we stopped at this winery for lunch that was fantastic. Glorious view of the country side and good lunch with wine. The tours in Rome were good too although tiring. The Vatican was amazing and I’m glad we went early as by the time we left it was very crowded.

The tour to Pompei was OK. Of course, the ruins are so well preserved and that was amazing. I would have like to skip so much time in Naples however. The lunch was fair at best and the guide was not the best either. He went off on his political views on the bus and he really wasn’t that personable. It was too big of group as well which makes it hard to “shepherd” them all.

The ancient Roman buildings and ruins just blew me away. There are just so much of them around. We also took a Segway tour on out last day that was a lot of fun. We had a positive recommendation form a group on our food tour. You might think about including those as options for future clients. We went all over and didn’t have to walk!

The food tour in Florence was good. The young man that was the guide was enthusiastic and it was fun see that part of Florence. i.e. “across the bridge”.

The food tour in Rome was excellent. Very good guide and went to interesting places. We went to a restaurant that had a wine cellar that was originally used by the Romans.i.e. 2.000 years old. We had wine and a nice meat dish in the cellar. It was the highlight of the tour.

I could go on as we saw soooo many things and had so many eating experiences. Overall it was a fantastic vacation. Thanks for putting it together for us.

Take care Emily.
Bob V.
Thanks Emily and Trips2italy for a unforgettable vacation for us! Everything went perfectly to our itinerary schedule.

We saw so much and will always remember the people the most. Si motto Bella. Amo le persone.

We appreciate all the extras you included with our itinerary. The best was our driver Francisco who took us on both of our Tuscany trips. We could not have asked for a better guide for sure
We enjoyed the Tuscany trips the most being able to meet the immediate family owners of the wineries and having such personal tours were very special. We’re awaiting our wine delivery to enjoy for the holidays.

We have so many great videos and pics but I don’t know how to attach them.

So we give everyone at Trips2Italy a big thumbs up for their hard work planning everything.
Jackie & Warren K.
Hi Emily!

We absolutely loved Italy!!!

Trips2Italy booked a coliseum and Ancient Rome waking tour and Vatican museum tour for us! Our favorite tour here was the coliseum! The Vatican was extremely crowded when we went so hard to see everything!
Our hotel was very centrally located which allowed us to easily walk to other sites such as the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps!

Defiantly our favorite city and favorite hotel of the three! Trips2Italy booked us a walking tour and a Tuscany day trip! We loved the morning walking tour. We saw all the Medici palaces and piazza Duomo and the David statue. The Tuscany trip was also well organized and we loved our lunch with wine tasting!

Venice is very beautiful but very confusing! Trips2Italy booked us a St Mark’s Basilica tour (favorite church that was saw) that we loved, but our group was too large and it made it hard to stay together!
However, they took part of our group on a Venetian glass tour for free that was awesome!
We also took a gondola ride which was neat but not worth the money for the very short trip!

We also had some great meals and really appreciated the recommendations!!

-The only thing we would do different next time is try to only book tours with a max of 12 people!

We really had a great trip and I have already recommended you for a trip that Ben C. and Rachel L. are taking in December!!
Please let me know if you do trips to other countries besides Italy!!
Casey & Austin T.

The trip was absolutely incredible. We are already talking about going back!
You were amazing to work with and it was great to have all of the details taken care of while we were planning our wedding. It was the perfect honeymoon!
I especially want to mention the excellent choices for all of our tours. Every person there was great and you can really tell that it is an excellent group to work with. We will be sure to update comments on the web site as well.

I cannot thank you enough for all of your attention to detail and the hard work you put in to make this the perfect trip for us!
Eric & Lyndi R.
Tommaso prepared a fantastic first trip to Italy over 10 years ago for us so there was no doubt that Trip2Italy would prepare our return trip.

Emily did a great job. Very professional, listened to our wants and was always available for questions and direction.This trip we wanted to see northern Italy and yet return to see Florence & Rome again. We were gone 27 wonderful days.
Emily designed the trip for us to stay several nights in 6 base cities (Milan, Verona, Venice, Bologna, Florence & Rome) allowing us time to take day trips (via train) to smaller cities from our base cities. All our tours were done by professional guides and did not disappoint. In addition, we always had a day or more of just free time to do whatever we wanted.As a violin player, one of the highlights was our day trip to Cremona and visit the Stradivarius museum.
We also got to visit one on one with a local luthier and I got to play one of her pristine handmade violins.

Amazing!Emily and Trip2Italy once again put together a memorable trip for us. Hopefully we won't wait another 10 years to return.
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