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"Tommaso,We enjoyed the trip. We will go back again.The food was excellent and the private tours were neat. It was a terrific trip! Venetia B. "
"Good morning Tommasso,We want to thank you and your team for organizing such a wonderful trip. The views were spectacular and the team was very professional. The short duration was somewhat of a tease, but we will certainly want to go back and spend more time.Best regards, Joanne "
"Tommaso: As I wrote in my previous note, we were very happy with all of the arrangements you made for us and I have recommended Trips2Italy to a friend.As far as hotels: Albergo Terminus in Como great location. The Grand Visconti in Milan was an excellent choice – very nice hotel, close the subway, and in a quiet neighborhood with many restaurants for dinner only a short walk away. One place we would recommend to others is Trattoria Mibabbo, which opened a year ago. Excellent, a bit updated version of traditional food and only a couple of blocks away.Hotel Margherita in Monterossa, good location, etc., not fancy but fine. Actually, one of the things we appreciated was the fact they did bulk laundry at a very reasonable price.However, the Sheraton at the Milan airport – a great location of course, but has problems. The air conditioning and TV did not work in the first room they assigned us to. Had to call reception several times. The temp went from 28.1 to 28.8 in two hours as we tried to cool off the room. Finally, when someone came to the room, they immediately gave us a different room. Many places where the A/C does not work in the hotel.Hope these comments are helpful as you assist other people in their travel arrangements.Thank you again. Georgia "
" Tommaso, Denis and I just got into Sheraton hotel at Milan airport.Trip was great and all of your arrangements worked out very well. The guides and drivers were all knowledgeable and charming. The day trip to Turin was an excellent suggestion and the hikes in Cinque Terre got us away from the crowds.Thank you. Georgia "
"We loved the trip to Italy! We traveled June 4 - June 9. We left Rome and stopped in Assisi for lunch (beautiful mountain town), stopped in Siena and then spent 2 nights in Florence (an exciting city on a river and the tour of the Statue of David). Took an afternoon trip to Pisa. Then went to Bologna to walk through the markets and have lunch and stopped in Padua. Spent 2 nights in Venice with a gondola ride and toured the Murano glass factory! On the way back to Rome stopped in Montepulciano (right in the middle of Tuscany) for lunch. Spent 2 more nights in Rome and toured the Vatican - Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Square and Basilica. I loved seeing the countryside driving to each town. I liked stopping in the towns for a couple of hours for a small tour and then some free time. The tour was a good pace. We kept busy the whole time. Lucy,our tour guide, was an expert at knowing how much time to do everything - excellent pace. It was an excellent tour! I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to get a good feel of what Tuscany, from Rome to Venice, is like. Ciao!Wendy "
" Thanks for your email! Italy was amazing, I'm so glad we picked the places that we did. Each had it's own personality and we loved exploring them all.We loved walking around Venice, Burano is one of my favorite places in the world! It is so picturesque and adorable. We loved the Doge's Palace tour and walking through the Bridge of Sighs. We found amazing coffee house with live music and good food. The food tour in Rome was one of the highlights of our trip! The places we went to were so perfect and the tour guide (Anna) was amazing. It was such a great way to see the city, I would highly recommend it to anyone. The Vatican was of course incredible and we loved seeing the ruins and walking around. Our Pompeii tour guide (Francesco) was so passionate and informative. You could tell he really cared about his town and his tour, he had so much to say about everything. It was nice to have the private tour and I would continue to use him as a guide, he was really great. Sorrento had to be my favorite city we visited. The Hotel there was the best we stayed in, the view was incredible. The marina grande was so cute and just what we were looking for. The fresh food, gelato, shopping, just everything there was great. This town has an amazing vibe.The only disappointments were cancelled gondola tour but we did appreciate the customer service we received from your team around this. The transportation vouchers were great, everything went off without a hitch and everyone we interacted with was very helpful. It was really nice to not have to worry about cars, the timing, and the trains. It was really easy and well managed. Thanks for your assistance and your planning. It was an unforgettable trip! "
" Buongiorno,What a wonderful trip you planned for us! Grazie, grazie, grazie! And please thank Julia for her assistance while we were there. I am in love with Venice and Tuscany. I now want to study Italian and go there for a 4-6 weeks to travel about.Thank you for the wonderful drivers (although the guy is Bologna was a little scary). Elena was great on the food tour, as were all of the tours you set up for us. We struggled a bit with some of the google maps. The guide in Bologna agreed that the map to get us to her meeting point was pretty unhelpful (just so you know for other travelers).I will recommend your services to anyone I know, and if I really do have the chance to return to Italy, you will be the ones to help me set it up.There's a post card on its way to your office.Ciao,Jan G. "
" Maria, Ana, and Tommaso:Thank you for a wonderful Italy vacation experience. We all agreed it was our best vacation yet. The total length of time was just right, as well as the time spent in Florence, Pisa, and the Cinque Terre.The flights over to Italy were seamless, with just the right amount of time in between the connections. We were very pleased to sit together from Dallas to Amsterdam – so if you’ll changed our seating – THANKS! The smaller plane from Amsterdam to Florence was fine to have split seating.The plane arrived on time in Florence. We had a short wait, as the driver arrived according to his paperwork, about 15 minutes after our arrival. The Hotel Giglio personnel were very pleasant and accommodating. This was a nice location and made for easy walking to the tourist sites. The room was accommodating, and we enjoyed the breakfast foods. On Sunday, we really enjoyed the small group walking tour and the tour guide – who was very friendly and knowledgeable. It was very nice to be in a group of about 8 people, instead of a large group of 30 or so as we noticed as we walked around. It was a bit challenging to find the exact location of the tour guide office. So, for your future clients, I recommend written walking directions from the hotel and/or a more detailed / close-up map on how to walk from the hotel to the office location. We ended up asking the local police for directions.After the walking tour and lunch, we toured the Bargello museum and then the Accademia. We had time to walk around, see some sites, and go back to the hotel to rest. In the evening, we walked to the Michelangelo Plaza and ate dinner at a place on the lower deck, taking in the view of the city as the sun was setting. Monday's Tuscany tour and wine tasting were lots of fun, and Kelly purchased some wine to ship home!Tuesday morning we opted to skip the Uffizi and instead toured the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens, and then the Duomo cathedral – all picturesque.The transfer from Hotel to train station, navigating the train station, and riding the train were pretty easy.Our arrival at Pisa, connection with the tour guide, storage of the luggage, and actual tour were perfectly timed. We also really enjoyed the tour guide and her descriptions of everything. Thanks for arranging the climb of the Pisa Tower! The tour of the Pisa cathedral was also fascinating. After the tour, we enjoyed having some time to take a refreshment break and then head back to the train station at a leisurely pace. The train ride to Monterosso Al Mare was easy too. The Hotel Punta Mesco was easy to find, and in a great location! The daily breakfasts were great too. Your pick of this town and the hotel were superb. We really enjoyed our free time here. On Wednesday, we hiked between Monterosso and Vernazza, took some fabulous pictures, and then trained to the other towns for more touring, eating, and shopping. Thursday and Friday, we enjoyed sunning on the beach, relaxing, and enjoying the town.Friday’s departure from Monterosso was good. The hotel was extremely accommodating by offering us a guest bathroom / shower to get cleaned up before departing the city. Again – a perfect place to stay here!We could have left Monterosso an hour or so earlier if needed. Our arrival and stay in Genoa was OK, but we were glad we didn’t have any more time spent there. The big industrial environment, shipping port, etc. were not to our preference. The Grand Hotel Savoia room was very nice.Our Saturday morning departure was early as planned, but I think we would have been OK to have left the hotel later, maybe at 6am instead of 5am. The flight to Paris was fine. However, the connection time to get to the Paris departure flight was very tight, and navigating from a smaller terminal via bus to a second very large terminal, and then walking to a third very large terminal and trying to find the Delta ticket counter was all a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, a customer service representative recognized that we were overwhelmed, stepped up, and assisted us by moving us to the front of the line for a Delta agent to assign our seats and direct us to the security check-in lines. It would have been better to have already had seat assignments and to have been able to check-in via internet the night before. We rushed through the airport, and arrived at the gate which was already boarding passengers. It seemed to us that we had ~5 minutes or so to spare before the plane doors closed. We did get situated and enjoyed the flight back to Minneapolis.For future reference, I suggest travelling from Monterosso all the way to Paris the same day, and spend the night in Paris – assuming flight availability. The next day, then transfer from the Paris hotel to the correct airport terminal for the flight home. I think this would be a lot less hectic.Our arrival to Minneapolis was fine – although there was stormy weather. We had plenty of time to have been on the earlier flight (3-3:30pm) to DFW, but that flight was already booked. Due to the weather, our flight was delayed from 6pm to 11pm. We arrived DFW airport ~ 12:15am on Sunday and safely home about an hour later.Again, overall, we had a GREAT vacation. I really appreciate your patience through all of our planning questions, and your attention to detail for us to have such a wonderful experience. I am already recommending your services to friends!Chow, Dianne W. "
" To Tommaso and the Staff of Trips 2 Italy,Our recent trip to Italy was fantastic. The Lake Como region is as beautiful as we imagined. On our boat trip we visited Tremezzo, where we spent time at Villa Carlotta in the spectacular gardens and toured the villa, followed by a visit to Bellagio, where we bought silk scarves from a local shop. While it was colder than we expected to start that morning, the afternoon sun warmed us and made for breathtaking views. We had the risotto and perch dish you mentioned in Como city - excellent! The trip on the Bernina Express and the return drive were spectacular also. The views were beyond our imagination. At the top of the mountains, it was actually snowing - a beautiful and pristine setting for two travelers from Houston who never get to see snow. After coffee in St. Moritz, we stopped for lunch in Chiavenna, and then a stop in Menaggio for gelato and a stroll around the village. Our time in Milan was too short to take in all that we saw. We enjoyed the bus tour, but had no opportunity to return to any of the places we saw, or explore further on our own. We did get a ride in the Maserati courtesy car to the Galleria. A beautiful way to see the streets and to arrive in style.Venice was such a beautiful Renaissance city. We loved wandering the narrow streets and browsing in the shops. The crowds in and around St. Mark's Square made the tour of the Duomo quite challenging although we did enjoy it. After losing sight of the guide twice, and having difficulty hearing her in the large group, we left the crowd behind to enjoy a delicious and leisurely lunch at a trattoria near the hotel. We loved the Bacari tour, as there were only 6 people plus 2 guides. The small bars we stopped at were interesting and unique; the wines and snacks were wonderful. It was the perfect size gathering for us and a perfect ending to the week's adventure. We tried both the sardines and the cod specialties of the region and thought they were both excellent. We do apologize for the missed train station in Venice. We saw no distinction in the names of train stations, and it took time to understand what we did wrong, and where we went wrong, then buy tickets and try (unsuccessfully, twice) to board a train back to Venice. We could only think, on arriving in Venice, that both of us must have fallen asleep and not noticed the difference in where we thought we were supposed to get off the train. By that day, we were fairly exhausted from the other days of long tours and travel. We are sorry for any inconvenience we caused. We did wave to the family in Colico, from the direction of Bellagio, and as we passed the signs on the way to Tirano. The hotels, and the staff at each of the hotels, were excellent. From 21st century to the 14th century, they were quite an experience; all were comfortable and accommodating. Our luggage did not make the connecting flight in Amsterdam, and arrived late afternoon on Monday, after our arrival on Sunday. While we missed having our warmer coats, it didn't stop us from quickly finding cappuccino and gelato in Como. The airline has been very prompt in responding to our claim for out of pocket expenses. We know with travel, these things can happen. It was a minor inconvenience, made better by a quick purchase of a couple of extra sweaters before going out on the Lake.Overall, our trip was fantastic, memorable and everything we wanted it to be. The down side is that now that we're home, there is no one to bring us cappuccino, and nothing to view except Houston traffic. After some time in the traffic, our thoughts will return to the idea of our next trip to Italy, and we will contact you again. Until then, we will continue to recommend your services to friends and family.Thank you very much for all you've done to create such a wonderful trip for us. Ciao! Kathy & Walker B. "
"Good Afternoon Maria! I apologize for sending this email so late, but better late than never
"Dear Amber,I am forwarding the e-mail that I sent to friends upon our return from our wonderful trip to answer your question: What did you see and do while you were there? Then I will give you feedback about the Rome experience that you planned in such details. Jim and I just returned home from our Rome Adventure. What a coincidence that the movie ”To Rome with Love” by Woody Allen was available on the flight to Rome. Trips-2-Italy, a tour company based in Houston planned our tour of Rome which met my expectations. We took in all the sights that I had learned about in Latin I and II---the catacombs, the Appian Way, Roman Aqueduct. Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica was overwhelming. I can hardly fathom that Michelangelo sculpted the Pieta with Mary and Jesus when he was only 24 years old. And according to some critics he believed that the tomb of Pope Julius, which he never completed, was his best work. The focus is Moses. The structure of the Pantheon, the best preserved Roman building, was fascinating. Seeing the Trevi Fountain illuminated at night was mesmermizing. In Miss Morrison’s English II class, I remember memorizing Shakespearean lines such as “And you, too, Brutus?” quoted by Julius Caesar and I was walking over the Roman Forum where this took place—WOW! Finally we wandered thru the Colosseum and it is just that—colossal!We headed to the port to embark the Viking Star, one of cruisings’ most beautiful small ships. I now understand what the Viking brand is and I liked it! We discovered the heritage(It was mindboggling how many countries had ruled each of the islands), culture, history and tasted typical foods of Pompeii, Sicily, Sardinia, Mallorca, Spain, and Valencia, Spain. We learned so much history and marveled at such scenic beauty. We truly experienced Mediterranean Splendors! Ciao. . . AmeliaReview of the Rome experience by Trips2Italy::From the time that your driver met us at the airport and transported us to the Hotel Columbia and picked us up again to take us to the port, your Rome plan did meet our expectations and more as I stated in the e-mail. It was very comforting and secure feeling to have the same driver for all of the transfers. He was very professional, friendly, and desiring of us to have the best experience possible. He was so excited about the big cricket match taking place on Sunday, Feb. 14. That way we learned firsthand how important cricket is in the six countries that were participating in the big match.We were very pleased with our accommodations and service that were so graciously provided by the full staff at Hotel in Rome. They even wrote us a nice note wishing us a nice stay. They would patiently give us directions and answer any questions. We loved going upstairs to the patio for cappuccinos and a snack in the afternoon before heading out to another sight.We loved the walking/eating tour that Thursday night in Trastevere . We learned the history of Rome at the Tiber River. It was a great way to sample many restaurants and the specialty foods that we otherwise would not have had the time to take in. We liked going to the small homegrown restaurants that are still run by the same local families for generations that the Romans choose to eat at. A highlight was Spirito di Vino, which was formerly a Jewish synagogue before the Jewish were sent to live in the Jewish ghetto. Another was Innocenti which had so many mouthwatering biscotti to choose from—an impossible task . Not as many visitors go on the Appian Way, Catacombs, Aqueduct excursion . But I am glad that we did, just for reasons I stated in my e-mail. But I learned so much that made me understand the history of Rome’s commerce and the Christians in Rome. I liked seeing the frescoes, stucco work and graffiti engraved by the Christian worshippers even before the edict given by ConstantineTo see the mighty aqueduct system built by the Romans was amazing. Then to learn that the barbarians destroyed parts of the system to destroy Rome was very informative and mind-boggling.Friday afternoon we visited Church of Santa Maria Maggiore and St. Peter-in-Chains church. To see what Michelangelo considered his greatest work, the tomb of Pope Julius II including the famous statue of Moses was absolutely breathtaking!The highlight for us was the Vatican City Tour City tour. Not having to wait in line, getting started very early, and missing the crowds made for a wonderful experience. The very competent guide who sees educating tourists about The Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica as her passion made this excursion exceptional!Our last tour, Ancient and Old Rome, on Sunday morning before we were to be trasnsfered to the Viking Star, was very informative. We just did not have as much time as we thought we would at The Colosseum and the Roman Forum. It was rushed. Since the security line to get into the Colosseum was so long, we did not have time to actually do the Roman Forum part of the tour.As you can see, we were very pleased with all of the excellent services that Enjoy Rome provided. The guides are well educated, skilled in tour guiding, and passionate about the subject matter. We liked the small bus and walking tours that were more intimate__ as if they were designed just for us. I do not remember the names of our tour guides and driver, but if it is anyway possible, I would like for you to relay our very positive evaluations to their administrative directors for it is the tour guide that really makes a tour successful.Trips2Italy was highly recommended to me and I am highly doing the same to others. I hope to write up this same email as an article and submit it to International Travel News so many more interested travellers will learn about you. Ciao & Grazie,Amelia S. "
" Amber,Thank you for your help in planning and helping us have a great time in Rome. It was well organized and well executed through your organization. You even did a reasonable job of providing good weather for us. I believe that we saw the major highlights that one would wish to see in a three day visit to Rome.Thank you again,Richard and Bernice "

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