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Sant'Angelo Castle and Bridge Rome Italy
Trevi Fountain overview Rome Italy
Colosseum by night Rome Italy
Flowers on Trinita' dei Monti stair Rome Italy
Interior of the Pantheon Rome Italy
Saint Peter's Square Vatican City Rome Italy
Swiss Guards Vatican City Rome Italy
Old Roman aqueduct in Rome Italy
Constantine Arch in Rome Italy
Saint Peter's Basilica interior Rome Italy
Typical roman gig in Rome Italy
Fireworks on Sant'Angelo Castle Rome Italy
Inside the Colosseum Rome Italy
Interior of Saint Peter's Dome Rome Italy
Detail Trevi fountain Rome Italy
Rome Italy panoramic view
Roman Forum Rome Italy
View of Roman Forum Rome Italy
Trajan's Column Rome Italy
Swiss Guard Vatican City Rome Italy
Tiberina Island Rome Italy
Bridge on Tiberina Island Rome Italy
Michelangelo's Moses Statue Rome Italy
Ancient Ostia Theater mask Rome Italy
Roma Forum and Colosseum Rome Italy
Sunset on Vatican City Rome Italy
A glance of Rome Italy
The Pantheon Rome Italy
View of the Pantheon Rome Italy
Triton fountain by Bernini Rome Italy
Campidoglio Square Rome Italy
Fountain Rome Italy
Rome with snow Italy
Piazza Navona Rome Italy
Saint Peter's Square Rome Italy
Altare della Patria Rome Italy
Piazza Venezia overview Rome Italy
A glance of Trastevere Rome Italy
Bridge to Tiberina Island Rome Italy
Tiber River by night Rome Italy
View of Saint Peter's Dome Rome Italy
Constantine Arch Rome Italy
Roman architecture detail Rome Italy
Flea market in Rome Italy
Vatican City during Christmas Rome Italy
Interior of Saint Paul outside the walls Basilica in Rome Italy
Sunset on River Tiber Rome Italy
River Tiber by night Roma Italy
Pope in Vatican City Rome Italy
Trinita' dei Monti Rome Italy
Trinita' dei Monti by night Rome Italy
Roman columns Rome Italy
Marco Aurelio statue Rome Italy
Statue of Sant'Angelo bridge Rome Italy
Colosseum by night Rome Italy
Roman thermal baths Rome Italy
Tiber river overview Rome Italy
Cecilia Metella Tomb Rome Italy
Roman ruins Rome Italy
Villa Borghese Park Rome Italy
Fountain in Rome Italy
Handmade pasta in Rome Italy
Street art in Rome Italy
Market in Rome Italy
Zucchini flowers Rome Italy
Columns in Vatican City Rome Italy
Bernini columns Rome Italy
Vatican Gardens in Rome Italy
Swiss guards in Vatican City Rome Italy
Detail of Sistine Chapel Rome Italy
Detail of fountain in Piazza Navona Rome Italy
Roman Holiday movie in Rome Italy


This description page of Rome, in the Italian region of Lazio, will guide you in planning your trip to Italy and help you find useful travel information about this Italian city.


Rome (Roma), the eternal city, is literally eternal. It has endured for over 2,700 years, with an ambiance like no other. Embedded in centuries of history and culture, it is Italy's capital and largest city, offering far too much to see in one visit. In this city a phenomenal concentration of history, legend, and monuments coexists with an equally phenomenal concentration of people busily going about their everyday life.

Here the ancient world is integrated with the modern. The Roman Forum and the Pantheon rub shoulders with Baroque palazzos, and Renaissance villas sit alongside the modernism of Mussolini's redesign of the capital, and you can drive along a busy Roman street and see the Coliseum rearing up in front of you.

Rome (Roma) means history: Etruscan tombs, Republican meeting rooms, imperial temples, early Christian churches, medieval bell towers, Renaissance palaces, and baroque basilicas. As you stroll through this remarkable city you are walking in the footsteps of the Caesars, St. Peter, Charlemagne, the Popes, and Michelangelo!


And amidst all this history, a modern city lives, breathes, and buzzes with life. Rome boasts terrific restaurants, pizzerias, trattorias, bars, and clubs. See the art and architecture of the ages, shop for the latest fashions, or sit in a sidewalk cafe' and drink in the atmosphere. There are chic designer stores, traditional street markets and, blessedly unchanged areas such as Trastevere, where you can do as the natives do, visit the old shops and trattorias popular with the locals.


What to see? Rome is a city that will keep you busy and entertained at all times. For those who are interested in art, music, history, and religion, there are few cities in the world that offer more. You could spend a year in Rome and not see everything, but there are some sights you don't want to miss. The Pantheon is the most complete remnant of ancient Rome, and the Coliseum is probably the most recognizable. The Forum was at the center of ancient Rome and therefore the hub of the Mediterranean world.

Rome boasts over 900 churches; however, if you were to only visit one, spend a day at the Vatican. Not only is a visit to the Vatican a spiritual pilgrimage, its museums house the largest and most diverse collection of art and sculpture on the planet. St. Peter's Cathedral is one of the largest and most ornately decorated cathedrals found anywhere in the world. In and around this exquisitely decorated church, you will finds works of art from Renaissance Masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini, and Raphael.


Visit the Piazza Navona, the most beautiful square in the capital, and the Capitoline Museums, home to some of Roma's best ancient art and sculpture. Renaissance buildings cluster around the historic center between the Via del Corso and the River Tiber. And, of course, you'll want to visit Trevi Fountain (where a coin and a wish will ensure your eventual return to the city) and the Spanish Steps.


It's hard to say what yuo'll find most breathtaking about the eternal city?The opulence of the Vatican, the timelessness of the Forum, the top speed of a Fiat Cinquecento, or the millions of cats in the Coliseum. Whatever your interests are, Rome has something special for you.


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