Vespa, a “wasp” on two wheels

VespaOne of the symbol of Italy is the famous moto scooter, Vespa. Vespa in italian means wasp. The legend told that the name of this unique moped was born when Enrico Piaggio, the founder of the current Piaggio Group, made this exclamation "Sembra una Vespa! (It seems like a wasp!)" the first time that he heard the sound of that motor scooter. Continue reading "Vespa, a “wasp” on two wheels"

Galileo Galilei: Between Science and Heresy

Galileo GalileiGalileo Galilei, also known as Galileo, was one of the most important Italian scientist in Italy and probably in the world. He was born in Pisa in 1564, in the science world is considered "the father of modern science" due to his studies and discoveries in Physics and Astronomy.



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The Ferrari Museum

Modena Ferrari MuseumMaranello is the town center of the Ferrari myth, in the heart of Emilia Romagna. In this worship place for every car sports fan and car daydreamer, there is a museum entirely dedicated to the most known red car in the world.

In this museum, you could admire Formula 1 cars and many others sports cars, but it's not a common museum. There are a lot of entertaining activities for the visitors, like the opportunity of tackling a real tires change or to test a real Formula 1 drive simulator, like the one that is used by the professional pilots. Plus, there are special exhibitions that represent a specific period or a subject of the Ferrari history. For example, the current exhibition is entitled "California Dreaming". This exhibition is celebrating the strong connection of the Ferrari brand with USA, in particular with one of its models the "California".

Ferrari sports cars are an Italian masterpiece that needs to be "experienced" in its own land.