CICERO No.1, May 2011 – Anno MMXI, Vol. 2

Trips 2 Italy BlogCICERO No. 1 - Anno MMXI Travel Newsletter of Italy
Maggio 2011 - Vol. 2

Dear Trips2Italy’s Friends,

May is a time for magic, as the first real warmth of a promised summer begins, coaxing everyone to enjoy the outdoors. Italy is known for its museums, galleries and shopping, but have you ever considered the many natural wonders this country offers?
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The Bernina Express

Ever wanted to visit a glacier, but not keen on arctic travels? The Bernina Express is a 2 and a half hour journey through some of Europe’s most beautiful terrains, starting from the warm Mediterranean climate of Italy and travelling through the Alpine meadows and glacial landscapes of Switzerland. Continue reading "The Bernina Express"

Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is an exciting destination in Northern Italy, snaking through the Southern Alps. The temperature remains mild throughout the year, with a fantastic tropical and subtropical plant life, providing the feel of an oasis for those who choose to enjoy waterskiing, sailing and diving in the summer months. Along the shore, you can find opportunities for hiking, fishing and picnicking in the lush forests and gardens.
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Stromboli: Dancing with the Volcano

The island of Stromboli is a living testament to the beauty of fire. With an almost constant stream of small volcanic eruptions, visitors come from far and wide to view the fountains of orange magma against the night sky. The play of light and dark has inspired artists, poets and photographers for time immemorial, creating a healthy atmosphere for creative expression. In recent years, the townsfolk have welcomed troupes of dancers who echo the graceful sprays from Mother Nature in their work.
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The Borgia Clan: Murder, Lust and The Vatican

Intrigued by the sexual play and political intrigues of the Borgia family? The recent hit miniseries certainly caters to the tastes of the sordid, but can such escapades really have happened?
History of contradictory Italian family that rule not only the Vatican...
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