Trips 2 Italy is moving to a New Houston’s Office Location

Trips2Italy move to new Houston officeDear Friends and Clients,
We are moving!
Beginning July 29, 2013, Trips 2 Italy will be located at
5701 Woodway Dr., Suite 220, Houston, TX 77057, (at the corner with Chimney Rock).
During this transition, we will continue to provide the same excellent service you have come to expect from us.
Please note that all other contact information will remain the same.
We appreciate you putting your trust in us and thank you for your continued support.

Trips2Italy Staff


Sant’Antimo Abbey and the Gregorian Chants

Sant Antimo Abbey Montalcino Tuscany viewRight in the heart of the beautiful Tuscan region, not far from Siena and only 9 Km from Montalcino, sits the impressive Sant’Antimo Abbey, a must-see for anyone visiting the area. According to a legend, the abbey was founded by Charlemagne in 781 AC after he fell ill nearby and prayed for deliverance. Even though there is no evidence of this popular tale, it is quite likely he did make a stop that year (apparently in full health!) and set his seal on the foundation. In later times, the monastery served as a rest stop for pilgrims, merchants, Continue reading "Sant’Antimo Abbey and the Gregorian Chants"

Pizzica and Tarantella: Folk Traditions of Apulia

Pizzica and Taranta DancersFolklore is a large part of Italy and even more so, in the Apulia region located in what is the heel of Italy’s “boot” shape. In this particular region, folk dances are very popular and have their roots in Ancient Greece. The “Pizzica” is a traditional dance popular throughout the Salentine peninsula along with the “Tarantella”. These ritualistic dances were performed in honor of the gods of music and sun (Apollo) and wine (Dionysus). Continue reading "Pizzica and Tarantella: Folk Traditions of Apulia"

Archaelogical site of Pompeii

Pompeii Naples Italy Acheological sites 13 BodiesThe archaeological site of Pompeii is one Italy’s and the world’s most popular tourist destinations. This ancient Roman city was destroyed by the volcanic ashes from a catastrophic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius on August 79 A.D. Today, one can see the well preserved remains of a city and its local population that was buried alive, later rediscovered in 1748.

Tuscan Sunflower Fields

Tuscany Italy sunflowers fields panoramaOne of Tuscany’s most famous and attractive landscapes is its never ending fields of sunflowers during the summer. Usually from June to August, one can enjoy a beautiful panorama of these lovely yellow flowers driving through the small winding roads through the enchanting Tuscan countryside only to be enhanced by the sight of cypress trees, an ancient church atop a hill, or a typical Tuscan farmhouse amidst the wilderness. Don’t let your friends tell you, ask a Trips2Italy travel specialist how to spend your vacation admiring the sunflowers “under the Tuscan sun”…

Rome Italy The Eternal City

Rome Italy Trevi Fountain in the Eternal City Rome is the “Eternal City” Your journey through Rome can take you from the modern age to the Renaissance age and from the Medieval to Ancient times in a matter of minutes. A simple tour walk can reveal the mysteries of the ages.  This is one of the city’s greatest pleasures!