CICERO No.7, Jul 2010 – Anno MMX, Vol. 1

Trips 2 Italy BlogCICERO No. 7 - Anno MMX Travel Newsletter of Italy
Luglio 2010 - Vol. 1

Dear Trips2Italy’s Friends,
At last … it is summer again! The sun shines on the Bel Paese and Italy shows itself in glory: The Tuscany hills are dramatic carpets of sunflowers; the Italian coastlines glitter with all the colours and nuances of the sea; and the land transforms itself into a palette of sensations.
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Guzzi Motorbike: the Flight of the Eagle

Moto Guzzi, with its 84 years of history behind it, represents a legend in Italian motorcycling and a dream for many motorbike lovers. A member of motorcycling aristocracy, Guzzi’s symbol is the eagle, based on the insignia for the WWI Italian air corps. Continue reading "Guzzi Motorbike: the Flight of the Eagle"

Como Lake (Lago di Como): ““I ask myself is this a dream?”

By a motorbike or through more sedate means, Como Lake is a dramatic place to visit, picturesque and exciting.  Even VIPs and the jet set have been increasing their interest in the area recently, buying magnificent villas and houses facing the mirrors of lake water.
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Sardinia: Outside Time and History

When spending a holiday in Italy, especially in summer time, we suggest including some days in Sardinia, an Island of stunning natural beauty, with regional parks and marine protected areas. People interested in excursions, geology, history, tradition, gastronomy or even simply wishing to relax at seaside, will find the ideal place to spend some time here.
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“Casu Marzu”: the Sardinian Cheese with Worms

Please, go on reading only if you have a strong stomach. You could consider the news disgusting! In spite of this, if you are planning a trip to Sardinia, it could be useful to know what Casu Marzu is, to enjoy or to avoid it!
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