“Frozen” in Time: Six Renovated Homes in Pompeii Open to Public

Ruins of Pompeii, near Naples, ItalyOne of the most famous sites throughout Italy is Pompeii. Located in the Campania region under the majesty of Mount Vesuvius, it is one of those places that you must visit at least once in your lifetime to experience its magical atmosphere that will transport you backwards in time as you walk through its alleys and ruins. Continue reading "“Frozen” in Time: Six Renovated Homes in Pompeii Open to Public"

An Egg-straordinary Castle

An Enchanted Castle That Is Egg-straordinary

naples_egg_castle_view_blgThe power of magic and legend can influence the destiny of an entire city and its people. And so it was, in medieval times in Naples, where a prophecy involving an enchanted egg became a symbol to its citizens of protection against disaster. Continue reading "An Egg-straordinary Castle"

Archaelogical site of Pompeii

Pompeii Naples Italy Acheological sites 13 BodiesThe archaeological site of Pompeii is one Italy’s and the world’s most popular tourist destinations. This ancient Roman city was destroyed by the volcanic ashes from a catastrophic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius on August 79 A.D. Today, one can see the well preserved remains of a city and its local population that was buried alive, later rediscovered in 1748.

The History of the Statue of the Veiled Christ, in Naples

Naples is a city steeped in history and it is home to many wonderful sights and artifacts. One of the most interesting and beautiful places to visit is Sansevero Chapel. Stepping into the chapel is like stepping back in time, and one is able to find some remarkable treasures hidden within. When you explore the chapel, you are going to be looking at some of the most impressive masterpieces that you will find on display in all of Italy. Continue reading "The History of the Statue of the Veiled Christ, in Naples"

Caserta: the Royal Palace

If you are planning a trip to Italy, including the South of the country, do not forget to include “Reggia di Caserta” with its splendid park and gardens. During World War II, the soldiers of the US Fifth Army used the palace as a headquarters, and, in April 1945, the Allied forces signed an unconditional surrender with Germany, to end all fighting in Italy, here. Continue reading "Caserta: the Royal Palace"

Italy: The Italian Fire Giants

Italy is a small country, and yet it contains all types of volcanoes that can be found in other areas of the world at distances of thousands of kilometers. Southern Italy, in particular, is like an enormous pressure cooker, with its three main volcanoes. Stromboli, Etna and Vesuvius are the most famous active volcanoes on Earth. Continue reading "Italy: The Italian Fire Giants"

When Lingerie Helps To Travel Safely

From Naples a curious news: in an underwear-shop located in the downtown,  it is possible to buy  for € 50,00 an original lingerie cloth. So far the invention is  reserved to women.
Continue reading "When Lingerie Helps To Travel Safely"