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Wine Tasting and Food Tours

Nothing encapsulates the true heart and spirit of Italy quite like exploring the high-quality wines and native cuisine that has made Italy legendary. Meals in Italy are crafted with time and attention to every detail. The average meal in Italy can last up to three hours, giving diners the chance to truly enjoy every single bite. The crown jewel of the culinary world, Italy offers travelers a food-centric experience unlike any other. 

Create your dream trip by customizing an itinerary filled with food tours that explore the birthplace of some of the world’s most precious culinary creations. From handmade pasta drenched in delectable sauces to some of the most delicious aged cheeses the world has to offer, a culinary trip to Italy will delight cooking enthusiasts and foodies alike. Imagine sampling the finest Balsamic vinegar in Modena, one of only two places in the world that produces true Balsamic. Or learn how local butchers craft melt-in-your-mouth Prosciutto di Parma. Whether you want a high-class dining experience sampling the finest Italian wine or prefer hands-on cooking lessons, there is literally something for everyone. 

For wine enthusiasts, the vineyards of Italy are unparalleled. As the country of love, the wine tours in Italy uniquely capture their culture’s deep affection and appreciation for exquisite wines. Each bottle is painstakingly crafted with the art, history, and passion that only Italy could provide. You can tour the wineries for a more hands on experience or simply savor each glass amidst the gorgeous views of the Italian countryside.  

The food and wine in Italy is world class. Trips 2 Italy can help craft the perfect getaway for any food lover. Explore the unique ingredients, local techniques, and historical significance of the greatest culinary treasures Italy has to offer. 

Region City Trip Type Length Of Stay

Florence: Handmade Pasta Cooking Course with Lunch

Leave the packaging behind and learn how to create and serve your own handmade pasta in this entertaining course.

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Florence, Tuscany - Cooking Class package with Typical Dinner

Enjoy making a Tuscan dinner under the expert teachings of a top class cooking school and bring home the delicious secrets of Tuscan cuisine.

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The Brunello Wine & Montalcino Small Group Tour from Siena

History and the art of wine making intertwine on this half day tour of the traditional wineries of Montalcino which produce the renowned Brunello Wine. Enjoy a tasting of this famous wine and tour of the picturesque countryside.

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Wine Tour In Tuscany - Small Group Tour

Wine lovers will rejoice with a Tuscany Italy wine tour, including premium wines and breathtaking scenery!

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The Brunello Wine & Montalcino Small Group Tour from S.Gimignano

Taste the world renowned wine Brunello and enjoy the unparalleled sight of the Tuscan countryside as we tour the wineries of Montalcino.

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The Chianti Wine Tasting Small Group Tour from Siena

Leafy vineyards, a sight filled with rolling-hills and savory red wines shine in this half day tour of the Chianti countryside sure to impress your eyes and palate.

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The Chianti Wine Tasting Small Group Tour from S.Gimignano

Experience the sights and flavors of this famous wine producing region as we tour the Chianti countryside. Visiting various wineries you will taste a bit of history and the wines.

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Florence & 5 Terre Culinary Delights Tour

Enjoy the splendor of Florence and embrace the breathtaking scenery and savory culinary traditions of the Cinque Terre in Italy's Ligurian coast, all in one week's itinerary.

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The Chianti Experience package with Private Driver

Discover the enchanting Chianti wine region and the beautiful medieval towns of San Gimignano and Siena with the comfort of a private driver

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Cooking Class with Dinner in Siena

The rustic art of Tuscan cooking shines in this charming class. Learn how to make authentic Italian dishes and impress your friends back home.

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Custom Wine and Culinary Vacation Packages

Lovers of delectable food and tantalizing wine selections agree that there is no better destination than Italy.

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