What Is Cinque Terre’s Via dell’Amore In Italy

cinque_terre_path_of_love_view_blgLover’s Lane, Juliet’s Wall, Love Lock Bridge; we have all heard about these romantic destinations created to unite two lovers together for all time, but have many of us actually seen them?  Legends say that a lock closed by a couple with a key tossed into a river can bind two souls together; a letter written to the famous Juliet can bring hope for two lovers to reunite once again. Every person who reads these legends wonders if they are true and secretly wish to experience a location that can hold such magic. Well wish no longer. Cinque Terre’s Via dell’Amore is just this type of wonderful place.

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Italy wins an Oscar and it’s a “Great Beauty”

The Great Beauty Official PosterEven though the 86th Academy Awards were this last Sunday, native Italians are still celebrating the success of The Great Beauty (2013) By Paolo Sorrentino. The exciting news that The Great Beauty (La Grande Bellezza) won the Academy Award for best foreign language film has been the top story news story in Italy since its announcement early Monday morning local time. Not only have news stations, newspapers, and radios been boasting this proud moment in Italian cinematography history, but social media sites have been abuzz with the news as well. Continue reading "Italy wins an Oscar and it’s a “Great Beauty”"

Authentic Pesto Sauce of Genoa

Pesto Souce Ancient architecture, beautiful landscapes, and a thriving culture characterize Genoa. Although this diverse city is most commonly known as the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, there is much more to Genoa. As Italy’s largest seaport Genoa has drawn people to its quaint alleyways, historic churches, noble castles, monuments, and museums. Additionally, this historic city is also the home of one of the most famous sauces across the world, the pesto. Continue reading "Authentic Pesto Sauce of Genoa"

Langhe: Land of Kings, Wines and Truffles

Castle Grinzane Cavour Langhe Region Piedmont ItalyLooking for the perfect destination for a gourmet gateway? Ask Trips2Italy about the Langhe, in the Piedmont region. It is an area of gently undulating hills, ancient castles, medieval villages and vast vineyards where some of the finest specialties and wines (Barolo, Nebbiolo ) of the whole northern Italy are produced. Discover the taste of the truffles, the many fine wines and its culture in an enchanting undiscovered landscape.

Leaning Tower of Pisa: Bad or Luckiest Architect in History?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa viewThe Leaning Tower of Pisa, in the Tuscany region, is considered a must see. It’s a marvel and a miracle that attracts many tourists from all over the world. Did you know that it began to lean even before its construction was completed during the 12th century? Nowadays the current tilt makes an angle of 3.9 degrees from the vertical axis. Definitely impressive!

Naples and the Italian Royal Pizza

Naples making of Pizza Margherita Nat Geo picturesNaples is the southern culinary capital of Italy. The Pizza was born here in honor of Queen Margherita di Savoia in 1889. The queen was visiting the city ... Continue reading "Naples and the Italian Royal Pizza"

Pizzica and Tarantella: Folk Traditions of Apulia

Pizzica and Taranta DancersFolklore is a large part of Italy and even more so, in the Apulia region located in what is the heel of Italy’s “boot” shape. In this particular region, folk dances are very popular and have their roots in Ancient Greece. The “Pizzica” is a traditional dance popular throughout the Salentine peninsula along with the “Tarantella”. These ritualistic dances were performed in honor of the gods of music and sun (Apollo) and wine (Dionysus). Continue reading "Pizzica and Tarantella: Folk Traditions of Apulia"

Sant’Antimo Abbey and the Gregorian Chants

Sant Antimo Abbey Montalcino Tuscany viewRight in the heart of the beautiful Tuscan region, not far from Siena and only 9 Km from Montalcino, sits the impressive Sant’Antimo Abbey, a must-see for anyone visiting the area. According to a legend, the abbey was founded by Charlemagne in 781 AC after he fell ill nearby and prayed for deliverance. Even though there is no evidence of this popular tale, it is quite likely he did make a stop that year (apparently in full health!) and set his seal on the foundation. In later times, the monastery served as a rest stop for pilgrims, merchants, Continue reading "Sant’Antimo Abbey and the Gregorian Chants"

Archaelogical site of Pompeii

Pompeii Naples Italy Acheological sites 13 BodiesThe archaeological site of Pompeii is one Italy’s and the world’s most popular tourist destinations. This ancient Roman city was destroyed by the volcanic ashes from a catastrophic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius on August 79 A.D. Today, one can see the well preserved remains of a city and its local population that was buried alive, later rediscovered in 1748.

Columbus has brought the Blue Jeans to America!

blue jeans are from Genoa ItalyBlue Jeans... did you know this super popular garment has Italian origins? Its name comes from the particular blue fabric that was once worn by the dockworkers in the port of Genova, in the Liguria region. They were always traveling around the world and thus, brought what we know as denim to the shores of the New World becoming immediately a success..