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Flroence Santa Maria Novella Cupola Frescoes
The Primavera by Botticelli in Florence Tuscany Italy
Dome of Florence Cathedral Tuscany Italy
Maremma countryside Tuscany Italy
Typical Tuscan countryside with cypresses Tuscany Italy
Mangia tower by night in Siena Tuscany Italy
A view of Monteriggioni in Tuscany Italy
A glimpse of Maremma Tuscany Italy
Cathedral of Massa Marittima Tuscany Italy
Sunset on Pitigliano Tuscany Italy
Overview on Maremma countryside Tuscany Italy
Hot springs at Cascate del Mulino Saturnia Tuscany Italy
Wildlife reserve in Maremma Tuscany Italy
Cows of Maremma Tuscany Italy
A pristine beach in Maremma Tuscany Italy
Beach at Giglio Isle Tuscany Italy
Coral reef in Giglio Isle Tuscany Italy
Pienza Cathedral in Tuscany Italy
The ideal city of Pienza Tuscany Italy
Fishermen boats in Livorno Tuscany Italy
Medici fortress in Livorno harbor Tuscany Italy
Rocky cliff near Livorno Tuscany Italy
Sea storm in Livorno Tuscany Italy
Butteri cowboys in Maremma Tuscany Italy
Butteri with Maremma horses Tuscany Italy
Wild beach in Maremma Tuscany Italy
Lush vegetation in Maremma Tuscany Italy
Maremma wildlife reserve in Tuscany Italy
Capo Bianco beach Elba Isle Tuscany Italy
Arezzo City center overview Tuscany Italy
Romanesque church in Tuscany Italy
A typical village in Tuscany Italy
Tuscany countryside with Romanesque church Italy
Poppi Castle courtyard Tuscany Italy
Camaldoli hermitage Tuscany Italy
Camaldoli with snow Tuscany Italy
Castle in Tuscany Italy
Detail of Pieve di Gropina church in Loro Ciuffenna Tuscany Italy
Interior of Pieve di Gropina church in Loro Ciuffenna Tuscany Italy
A typical alley in Anghiari Tuscany Italy
A small church in Tuscany Italy
A medieval glimpse of Tuscany Italy
Cortona Square by night in Tuscany Italy
Maggiolata event in Lucignano Tuscany Italy
The Palio in Siena Tuscany Italy
A glimpse of Anghiari in Tuscany Italy
Handmade terra cotta Tuscany Italy
The intact medieval town of Anghiari in Tuscany Italy
Handwoven textile in Tuscany Italy
Historical pageant in Tuscany Italy
The Crossbow Palio in Sansepolcro Tuscany Italy
Spedaletto Val D'Orcia Castle Tuscany Italy
Chianciano Terme alley Tuscany Italy
Pieve of Santo Stefano a Cenna near Chianciano Terme Tuscany Italy
Municipal tower of Montepulciano Tuscany Italy
Crete Senesi colors near Siena Tuscany Italy
A glimpse of Chianciano Tuscany Italy
Poppies and cypresses in Tuscany Italy
Vineyards near Chianti Tuscany Italy
Typical Tuscany avenue with cypresses Italy
Hay-fields in Tuscany Italy
Montepulciano near Siena Tuscany Italy
Hay in Tuscany countryside near Siena Italy
A rustic house in Valdichiana Tuscany Italy
A view of Florence Cathedral Tuscany Italy
Tourists outside Baptistery in Florence Tuscany Italy
Ponte Vecchio in Florence Tuscany Italy
Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral in Florence Tuscany Italy
Palazzo Vecchio in Florence Tuscany Italy
Flag flyers in Florence Tuscany Italy
Palazzo Vecchio tower in Florence Tuscany Italy
David by Michelangelo at Accademia Gallery Tuscany Italy
Historic pageant in San Gimignano Tuscany Italy
The dome by Brunelleschi of Florence Cathedral Tuscany Italy
Detail of David by Michelangelo Florence Tuscany Italy
View of Florence Tuscany Italy
Bargello Loggia in Florence Tuscany Italy
Palazzo Pitti in Florence Tuscany Italy
The Uffizi Gallery in Florence Tuscany Italy
Church of San Miniato al Monte in Tuscany Italy
Frescos of Brunelleschi dome in Florence Tuscany Italy
Courtyard of San Gimignano town hall Tuscany Italy
View of San Gimignano Tuscany Italy
The towers of San Gimignano Tuscany Italy
Typical Buccellato from Lucca Tuscany Italy
Fresh extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany Italy
Porcini mushrooms from Tuscany Italy
Castle near Lucca Tuscany Italy
Detail of Romanesque church near Lucca Tuscany Italy
Nottolini aqueduct near Lucca Tuscany Italy
Detail of Saint Francis church in Lucca Tuscany Italy
Bell tower with Apuan Alps in background Tuscany Italy
Holy Cross religious procession in Lucca Tuscany Italy
A view of Apuane Alps in Tuscany Italy
Medieval Castle near Lucca Tuscany Italy
Viareggio Carnival in Tuscany Italy
Bell tower in Tuscany Italy
Lucca overview Tuscany Italy
A view of Montalcino in Tuscany Italy
Grape harvest in Montalcino Tuscany Italy
San Biagio church in Montepulciano Tuscany Italy
Architecture detail in Montepulciano Tuscany Italy
City gate in Tuscany Italy
Countryside near Pisa Tuscany Italy
View of a medieval village near Pisa Tuscany Italy
Spa in Bagni di Pisa Tuscany Italy
Cypresses near Pisa Tuscany Italy
A view of Pisa Tuscany Italy
A view of San Miniato town Tuscany Italy
The Leaning tower Pisa Tuscany Italy
Pisa Cathedral apse Tuscany Italy
Farmhouse in Tuscany countryside Italy
Hay in Tuscany Counstryside Italy
Sunrise colors in Tuscany Italy
Landscape near Siena Tuscany Italy
The hills in Tuscany countryside Italy
Typical farmhouse in Tuscany Italy
Old roofs of Tuscany Italy
Cypresses in Tuscany countryside Italy
San Quirico D'Orcia landscape in Tuscany Italy
Blue sky around Siena Tuscany Italy
A view on Tuscany hills Italy
A row of cypresses on Tuscany hills Italy
Wildflowers in Siena countryside Tuscany Italy
Tuscany for kids Italy
Fresco in Siena Tuscany Italy
Farm holidays in Tuscany Italy
Old Tuscan breed pig of Cinta Senese Tuscany Italy
Ceramic shop in Tuscany Italy
Clouds on Siena countryside Italy
Wildflowers fields near Siena Tuscany Italy
Cocktail with view of Siena towers Tuscany Italy
Cannellini beans al fiasco from Tuscany Italy
Sunflowers from Tuscany Italy
Golf course in Tuscany Italy
Traditional Pici pasta from Siena Tuscany Italy
Poppy in Spring Tuscany Italy
Chianti wine and cold cuts from Siena Tuscany Italy
A glimpse of Siena Tuscany Italy
Choosing a Tuscany Italy
Backpacking in Tuscany Italy
Piazza del Campo in Siena Tuscany Italy
View of Bell Tower Cathedral in Siena Tuscany Italy
A view of Siena Cathedral Tuscany Italy
Panorama of Siena in Tuscany Italy
Reknown red wine from Tuscany Italy
Artisan in Siena Tuscany Italy
Exquisite saffron grown in San Gimignano Tuscany Italy
A line of cypresses in Tuscan countryside Italy
Famous fresco by Simone Martini in Siena Tuscany Italy
Flag flyers during Palio of Siena Tuscany Italy
Vineyards in Chianti area Tuscany Italy
Colors of Crete Senesi Tuscany Italy
A boulevard of cypresses in Tuscany Italy
Flags colors during the Palio in Siena Tuscany Italy
Relax in Spas in Siena area Tuscany Italy
A foggy sunrise in Val D'Orcia Tuscany Italy
A beautiful view of Val D'Orcia in Tuscany Italy
Sunflowers under the Tuscan sun Italy
A view of Volterra Tuscany Italy
Countryside near Volterra Tuscany Italy
Blue sky in Tuscany countryside Italy
Town hall in Volterra Tuscany Italy


Tuscany (Toscana) is a charmed land. Unrivaled as the cradle of art, Toscana, where the Renaissance first began, is a region of ancient splendor and modern charm.  From the largest cities to the smallest hamlets and most remote villages, you will find ancient chapels, hilltop castles, a hidden palace -- perhaps an ancient city nestled in the mountains.  Each place has a treasure to show you -- a fresco in a church, a piazza that has retained its original character, celebrated museums filled with masterpieces, monumental cathedrals and palaces, massive walls and fortresses –each a testament to Toscana’s artistic majesty, exquisite architecture and natural beauty.

It is here that visitors from around the world have come since the golden age of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Medicis.  And it is here where the purest form of the Italian language, derived from the Tuscan dialect of native sons Dante, Petrarch, and  Boccaccio, was born – a tribute to the importance of their literary works.  Still spoken in the area between Siena and Arezzo, even visitors with limited knowledge of the language can often hear the difference.


Toscana is an adventure into the timeless beauty of both the past and present.  Walk down the narrow, medieval streets of Siena, lined with ancient residential palaces, stop in its impressive Gothic cathedral or experience one of its annual festivals!  This well-preserved medieval city is home to the Civic Museum where the Histories of Alexander III are kept, the Museum of the Opera Metropolitana and the Pinacoteca Nazionale.  And then there’s  Pisa, an ancient Roman naval base and home to the famed leaning tower and the Museum of the Sinopie, where the preparatory drawings for the frescoes are held.  These and smaller towns like Lucca, Volterra, and Montepulciano contain some of Italy’s most famous landmarks, museums and artistic treasures.


The city of Florence, (Firenze) is a world to discover on its own!  Streets of remarkable shopping, delightful restaurants and priceless art are only the beginning. The hub of the Renaissance and one of the world’s most architecturally beautiful cities, Firenze is home to countless museums and galleries filled with centuries-old well preserved masterpieces -- the Galleria degli Uffizi, which holds one of the most important collection of paintings in the world, the Gallery of Palazzo Pitti, with Tiziano and Raffaello’s masterpieces, the Opera del Duomo with Michelangelo’s famous “Pietà”.  There is also the Museum of the Bargello, St. Mark’s Museum, the Academy, Gallery and the Ethnologic Museum Stibbert, and ageless beauty in other forms at the Museum of the Costume and the Museum of the Carriages, at the Giardino di Boboli, home to beautiful Italian gardens.


Visit Arezzo for jewelry, antiques and to experience the excitement of the annual medieval Palios --  bareback horse races.  The fiercely competitive contests between local teams are accompanied by large processions and a host of celebratory festivities.  Come to one of its enormous antique markets held the first weekend of each month on the  Piazza Grande.  Or take a scenic drive through the hills of Tuscany to the quaint town of San Gimignano, heart of Toscana’s pastoral countryside and known as the "town of the fine towers" for the thirteen 700-year-old ramparts which still stand!  Here you’ll discover the typical flora of Toscana—the vine, olive, and cypress -- a tree sacred to the Etruscans.

Like an island in the heart of Tuscany and just south of Siena, is Montalcino -- famous for its "brunello" wine -- one of the best and most sought after wines of Italy. The extraordinary wines from this area have put Italian wines on the world's map!  Achieving recognition and worldwide popularity, wines from this serene town in the hills are as coveted by wine enthusiasts as are those from Tuscana’s Chianti region.


A tapestry of classical beauty and romantic places, Tuscan cities, towns and villages capture the senses in sight, sound and motion!  From the beautiful hilly landscapes, often covered in grape vines and olive groves or a bevy of sunflowers, to the teaming towers, the architectural masterpieces and extraordinary art, to the elegant boutiques of designer fashions, the animated sounds of the Carnevale and the peel of church bells ringing, the art of living in Toscana is itself a fine art.


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