See Italy By Train

lombardy_bernina_express_train_blg01Have you ever wanted to explore the exciting grandeur that is Italy? Have you wondered what it would be like to behold the beauty that has set the scene for the most romantic of stories? “Trenino Rosso del Bernina” (the little red train of the Bernina) can escort you through some of the most thrilling areas of Italy, offering panoramic views of colorful mountain sides, elegant cities, and beautiful scenery. Explore these cities in a unique and memorable way through rain, snow, sunshine, or cloudy skies with one of the most enchanting means of travel.
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What Is Cinque Terre’s Via dell’Amore In Italy

cinque_terre_path_of_love_view_blgLover’s Lane, Juliet’s Wall, Love Lock Bridge; we have all heard about these romantic destinations created to unite two lovers together for all time, but have many of us actually seen them?  Legends say that a lock closed by a couple with a key tossed into a river can bind two souls together; a letter written to the famous Juliet can bring hope for two lovers to reunite once again. Every person who reads these legends wonders if they are true and secretly wish to experience a location that can hold such magic. Well wish no longer. Cinque Terre’s Via dell’Amore is just this type of wonderful place.

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Cathedral Of Messina’s Clock Tower

messina_clocktower_view_blg0The roar of a majestic lion, a stately rooster’s crow, statues coming to life and music filling the air as a story unfolds; this artistic display of characters sounds more like an up and coming movie than an eighty year old Astronomical Cathedral clock. The Cathedral of Messina’s animated clock show is a great way to display history to any variety of age groups, whether they are an older crowd or a younger generation. Children will squeal with delight as they watch the animals spring to life, and adults will smile as they witness this majestic bell tower tell a story in an entertaining and beautiful fashion.
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