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Italian Honeymoon & Romantic Trips

Considered by many to be the birthplace of romance, the landscape and culture of Italy paints a portrait of pure love and devotion. The intoxicating sights, smells, and tastes provided by the country of love cater perfectly to partners who are just...

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Family Trips to Italy

If there is one thing that Italians hold dear, it is famiglia, which translates to “family” in English. Italian’s cherish their heritage and their families in a very deep and meaningful way, making Italy the perfect family vacation destination. Children and adults alike will be enamored by the rich history and culture of Italy’s popular locales, all the while experiencing bonding moments that will help create a lifetime of memories. 

Children will delight in the colors and vividness of Italy’s bustling cities, while adults will appreciate the historical education their kids will receive by being immersed in culture, art, history, and architecture. Families can learn to cook traditional Italian meals together in personalized cooking classes. Or they can explore museums together to learn about timeless paintings, sculptures, and art installations. 

Italy’s Amalfi Coast provides beach fun while the piazzas of Rome give families a true sense of Italy’s deep history. Not to mention, your little bambinos will certainly enjoy Italy’s classic dessert called gelato, an Italian twist on an American favorite--ice cream. 

The warmth of the Italian people and rich traditions they embrace will help bring your family together and almost transport you to back to a simpler time when family was the center of each day. Educational, reconnecting, and fun, an Italian family vacation promises to be one everyone in the family will remember for a lifetime. 

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Group Trip to Italy

Trips 2 Italy can help customize specialized itineraries for any kind of group to ensure every member of your party gets exactly what they want out of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Explore the cuisine and wine that has made Italy the culinary...

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Why Trips2 Italy?

It’s all about the passion. There are many ways to plan a customized trip to Italy and many different choices; what sets Trips 2 Italy apart is our passion for both our country and our clients. As Italians, we are the ultimate insiders. We are proud of our country and want to share that with each of our guests.  We believe that everyone should experience Italy the way we do when we travel back home; this means we customize each Italian vacation to allow our clients to not just see Italy the way any tourist would, but to live it!

  • Italy Customized To You

     Each vacation we plan is hand-crafted to exceed your expectations. From a Honeymoon to an Anniversary, a graduation to a reunion, Trips 2 Italy creates the perfect Italian getaway for you. 

  • You Have A Friend In Italy

    We offer 24/7 service directly to our clients so you always have a friend just a phone call away. 

  • Experience

    We have planned thousands of vacations in our 15 years of creating lifelong memories for our clients. We also have the kind of experience not everyone has; we have first-hand experience with Italy. We grew up there, and we still have family there. Anyone can book a trip to Italy, but not everyone can plan a vacation to Italy. 
  • Easy

    Most of all we make your vacation planning easy. We listen to what you would like and make that happen for you! 

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See Italy Through Our Eyes

For over a decade we have been working with brides, grandparents, friends, parents or anyone with an adventurous spirit to plan the ultimate Italian vacation. Unlike internet travel sites, our team is the personification of Italy. We have walked the cobblestone streets as children, married in the vineyards of Tuscany, prayed in the Sistine Chapel, sailed Lake Como and skied the Italian Alps. Italy has made us who we are. We want each of our guests to experience Italy with the same passion we have.



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