Italy Vacation Packages | Fly Drive Package and Shore Excursions

Unlike custom vacation packages, which allow travelers to fully customize every detail of a trip to Italy,  pre-packaged Italy vacation packages consist of pre-arranged destinations, trip lengths, and itineraries. However, just because a package has been preconfigured does not mean it is of less quality. In fact, prepared vacation packages are thoughtfully constructed, ensuring every detail works perfectly to create the best possible experience without customization.

These types of trips are perfect for first time travelers to Italy, travelers who want a quick and easy way to explore the country, or those who may not have the time or interest to create a custom package. In addition, shorter packages or day packages such as shore excursions can be the perfect accompaniment to a larger trip during which one will visit Italy.

Whether one is only in Italy for one day during a Mediterranean cruise or looking to escape for 10 full days, booking a pre-arranged vacation package is as simple as browsing our available trips, selecting travel dates, and packing a suitcase!

How to find Good Italy Vacation Packages

When it comes to booking a vacation to Italy, travelers have many options. They may choose to book a package directly from any number of travel companies. They may decide to book the various details of their trip on their own. However, nothing compares to the quality, authenticity, level of service, and variety of  travel packages available from a seasoned company like  Trips 2 Italy, who also grew up in Italy making them the perfect company to set up your vacation  With a deep background in creating custom Italy vacations,  Trips 2 Italy’s  is more experienced in creating unique and special travel packages than the everyday travel agency. Our pre-packaged vacation options promise to show travelers the absolute best of Italy.

Italian Travel Experts

Our Italy travel packages are curated by a staff with firsthand experience and knowledge of Italy. Our experienced staff – which includes native Italians – have created vacation packages that highlight the best of each locale. With personal knowledge of the country, connections with excellent local tour guides, and over a decade of industry experience, the Trips 2 Italy team offers packages that maximize travelers’ time at must-see locales without sacrificing the in-depth experience that they dream of.

Shore Excursions

Four glistening seas – the Adriatic, Ionian, Ligurian, and Tyrrhenian – surround the boot-shaped peninsula of Italy. The 5,000 miles of coastline and dozens of ports of call these seas provide make Italy a top destination for major cruise lines. From the Southernmost tip of Sicily to Northern Italy where ships dock at the Venice cruise port in the Venetian Lagoon, travelers have been utilizing sea travel to enjoy Italy’s best-known and most highly regarded destinations for decades.

While docked, passengers are given time to explore the nearby cities and attractions on their own. However, organizing tours and activities on one’s own can often be misleading, overwhelming, or simply confusing to book. The process can also be stressful, causing concerns about potentially missing the ship’s departure or resulting in difficulty when trying to organize details in a foreign country. Trips 2 Italy believes that there is no easier way for cruisers to explore Italy’s many incredible destinations than with one of our premium shore excursions.

Types of Excursions

While our wide selection of shore excursions varies from port to port, travelers typically have the option to choose from a selection of experiences including, but not limited to:

  • Guided walking tours of the area
  • Group tours of popular sightseeing locations
  • Visits to museums
  • Boat tours
  • Wine tastings
  • Unique local experiences (EX: gondola ride in Venice)

Excursion Italy vacation packages also may vary in length, making it easy to immerse into the port’s offerings without fear of missing the ship. Whether the ship is docked for a full day or just a few hours, we have a variety of unique shore excursions available to choose from.

Fly and Drive Packages

Italy features over 100,000 square miles of land bursting with history, art, architecture, and scenery to explore. For those travelers looking for an Italy vacation package  that is quick and easy to book but still captures the best of Italy’s offerings, Trips 2 Italy’s fly and drive packages are the ideal choice.

We’ve eliminated the confusion of booking a vacation to Italy on one’s own by creating top of the line packages that include air travel, hotel accommodations, and ground transportation. Our Italy vacation packages will take guests to many of the country’s top areas for sightseeing, relaxation, and adventure.

Types of Fly and Drive Packages

This is one of our most popular Italy vacation packages and our knowledgeable staff has created a variety of package options – all of which include a mixture of unique experiences such as guided tours, wine tastings, cooking classes, day trips, and more. We’ve pre-arranged the itinerary of each of our packages to maximize one’s time at every destination and create the best possible experience. From a Tuscany wine tour to an active vacation in Cinque Terre, we have one-of-a-kind packages for every interest.


The biggest benefit of booking a fly and drive package, aside from simplicity, is the opportunity to be flexible and enjoy various cities on one’s own. Much of the itinerary is left open, allowing travelers to see and do things on their own. Whether one has family in Italy to spend time with or simply wants to venture independently to discover hidden gems of their destination, fly and drive packages allow for this flexibility.