The Charming Hills of Piacenza

Piacenza Hill Country and CastlesWhen most tourists plan their itinerary around Italy, they think about the usual cities, such as Rome, Venice, Milan and Bologna, among so many others. There are smaller destinations along the way that will truly give you an untouched and authentic feeling of what Italian culture and history is all about. Continue reading "The Charming Hills of Piacenza"

An Extraordinary Pilgrimage to the Shroud of Turin

Holly Shroud displayed in TurinThe Shroud of Turin is perhaps one of the most mystical images of all time. It was said to have been the cloth that covered Jesus of Nazareth upon his burial. First noticed in 1898 by a photographer who was shooting pictures of it, it clearly depicts an image of the crucifixion. Due to its delicate nature, it is only displayed publicly a few times during the curse of the century.

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Where Can We Take The Kids In Italy?

Rome Gladiator School for KidsIf you are thinking about a family vacation to Italy, you may worry that your younger children will be bored with the many museums, churches, ancient ruins and culture that you would like to explore throughout this beautiful country. But there are also some interesting and educational sights that your kids will think are just plain fun.

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