New Terms and Conditions

We have updated our Terms and Conditions, which will be effective September, 28, 2017.

Our updated policies will apply to all inquiries and relative bookings received from this date forward.

Thank you for your interest in Trips 2 Italy.

Tommaso De Poi

To learn more:
Trips2Italy,LLC Terms & Conditions in force until 11.59 PM Central Standard Time of  September 27, 2017
Trips2Italy,LLC Terms & Conditions effective 12:00 AM Central Standard Time of September 28, 2017

New Website Design and Newsletter

Trips 2 Italy welcome back and is proud to annouce the launch of our new newsletter format.

Now that we have completed our vastly improved website (come see us at, it’s time to bring back our newsletter on the beauty and marvelous experiences of Italy.

Please take a moment and glance at our insights into what makes Italy so very special. If you like, please share us with your friends or join us at

We’ll be back with more next month.