Italy Vacation Packages

As one of the world’s most highly traveled vacation destinations, it comes as no surprise how many Italy Vacation Packages their are because after all,  Italy offers something for every interest. Bursting with legendary art, delectable cuisine and wine, monumental architecture, an incredibly rich culture and centuries of history, the many premiere destinations within Italy cater to all types of trips. In fact, the hardest part of planning a vacation is deciding where to go and which of the country’s endless activities to add to the itinerary.

Our  travel experts can help create the perfect getaway – whether for a group, families, foodies, car lovers, religious pilgrimages, or any other special interests. Travelers can choose from any of our prepared recommended itineraries  or can choose to create customized experiences that cater to their specific needs and desires.

From the oceanside cliffs of Cinque Terre to the ancient ruins of Rome to the sprawling vineyards of Tuscany, travelers of all kinds are sure to experience an unforgettable adventure via a vacation package that is not only personal to them, but also guarantees to highlight the best of what Italy has to offer.


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For centuries, Italy has been considered by poets, writers and artists to be one of the world’s most romantic countries. Home to the town that inspired the legendary love story of “Romeo and Juliet” – Verona – as well as legendary destinations for couples such as Venice, Tuscany and Rome, Italy is a dream honeymoon destination for couples from around the world.

Holding hands while walking historic cobblestone streets, indulging in incredible local cuisine, and experiencing sensational sightseeing are just a handful of romantic activities newlyweds can enjoy together. The sights offer a rich history of the world along with stunning sites, delicious culinary offerings and incredible landscapes and scenery – all of which set the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway with your beloved.

Active couples can ski the slopes of the powder covered Alps, art lovers can stroll together in the famed Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and those looking to relax and retreat can watch the waves from the terraced cliffs of Cinque Terre. Whether celebrating a monumental anniversary in the Tuscan wine country or taking an elegant escape to the Italian Riviera for a second honeymoon,

Customized for You

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Customized Trips to Italy Packages

Trips 2 Italy knows how to create the perfect, custom getaway for any traveler, family, or special interest group. Our 15+ years of experience and vast knowledge of home country  allows us to curate a custom itinerary that cater to travelers’ specific needs while showcasing the wonders of Italia.

What are custom Italy vacations packages and trips?

No two people, families, or travel groups are alike, so why should your itinerary be a carbon copy of someone else’s?  We listen to our guests to ensure that what is important to them – destinations, sites, restaurants, activities – are prioritized. To enhance your experience, we’ll even suggest off the beaten path locales that only the locals would know. We believe that custom itineraries can be the difference between good and a great.

Why Customized is the Only Way to Go

Each of our travlers have a unique view of what they think their vacation should include. For most a trip to Italy is a once in a lifetime experience and its not the time to plan a vacation to a foreign country on your own. Our staff is Italian. They know Italy and we know how to plan a vacation that will last a life. Don't just see Italy, Live IT!

What kind of  Italy trips can be customized?

Our expert team has experience planning custom Italy vacations of a wide variety. From honeymoons to special family occasions,  to special interest groups and everything in between – our custom itineraries  allow for travelers to experience Italy theirway.

Family Travel

  • Graduations
  • Reunions
  • Heritage


Family Vacation Ideas

A trip to Italy is always high on the list of trips family look to take. As these trips are on of most popluar vacaiton, we often have specal vacations deals waiting for your family. After all  Italy offers something for everyone regardless of age. There are many historic locales to choose from that sure to please travelers of all ages and families of all sizes. Whether planning a yearly family vacation or a once-in-a-lifetime family reunion, a trip to Italy promises to be educational, immersive, and memorable.

Of late, we have seen many families looking to take a vacation that has a heritage component to it.  These trips often mean both grand parent and grand child are taking that trip to Italy together.  This can present a unique challenge to keep everyone engages and enjoying the trip.  At Trips 2 Italy we have vast experience in planning custom family vacations to Italy

For families with children, we cater to younger travelers. Our experts can give great advice on activities that will keep children entertained and help spark their interest in things like art and history – all while making sure the other members of the family are satisfied as well.

Group Travel

  • Travel Clubs
  • Friend Getaway
  • Church Pilgrimages
  • Custom Escorted Tours


Group Travel

When it comes to exploring Italy, the experience is brought to the next level when going on vacation with a group of likeminded people who share the same interests. Group travel is a fun and exciting way to see and do new things while also spending quality time with friends, family, or fellow members of a special interest group. Having travel experts plan your Group's itinerary.  will make your groups trip to Italy far more enjoyable.

Our travel experts have experience in planning travel vacation of all kinds, including friend getaways and custom group travel packages. Travel clubs with specific interests such as art and architecture as well as groups of friends or family can enjoy customized escorted tour packages of historic locations throughout Italy and these will all be included in your Italian travel package that was created specifically for your travel group.

Food and wine groups can enjoy a whirlwind culinary and wine tour of some of Italy’s most cuisine-centric regions. Groups of friends – whether celebrating an event like a bachelor party or reuniting 10 years after graduation – can enjoy a charming ski vacation or bond on a historic tour of Rome. No matter what type or size of group, our customized escorted tour  provide travelers with itineraries that cater to their unique needs and interests.

Home of the Roman Catholic Church, countless historic cathedrals and churches, the Christian catacombs, and many other significant religious sites, Italy has been a popular religious pilgrimage destination for centuries. It’s deep religious roots beckon everyone from devout believers to those simply interested in religious history. Trips 2 Italy can help create itineraries that are filled with important sites and meaningful activities which center around the spiritual heart of Italy, which is ideal for church group pilgrimages, religious history clubs, and families of faith.

Guided Tours of Italy

  • Sightseeing
  • Vatican Tours
  • Museums
  • Day Tours


Guided  Tours for Groups

When traveling as a group it can be difficult to find and organize an itinerary that accommodates your group’s size and varied interests. That task is even more of a struggle when trying to plan for a destination such as Italy, where there is so much to see and do. Luckily Trips 2 Italy specializes in crafting custom itineraries that can include guided tours of Italy for groups of any size.

We understand that group trips – whether for families, friends, special interest clubs, or groups from an organization – are an important time for bonding, so when planning a group vacation package, we handle the tough work of hashing out the details. We craft our itineraries with guided tours that meet your group’s needs and highlight areas throughout our country that coincide with your group’s specific interests.

Of the many types of guided tours we offer, our day sightseeing tours are one of the most popular. No matter where a group travels in Italy, there are always many incredible monuments, sites, and attractions to see. Whether exploring the historic center of Florence, taking in the best of Sicily, or visiting Rome for the first time, our knowledgeable tour guides can lead groups on a day sightseeing tour that is stress free, immersive and incredibly memorable.

Cultural Tours

    • Renaissance Tours
  • Museums
  • Architectural


Cultural Tours

Home to more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country, Italy’s importance as a hub of world history and culture cannot be denied. Its countless museums and vast array of historic monuments, inspiring architecture, and classic art makes it a world capital for culture. No matter where one travels in Italy there are must-see locales and must-do cultural experiences that set Italy apart from all other travel destinations. We are travel expert that can create trips  that are comprehensive cultural tours, taking travelers on an adventure through the cultural heart of  the country.

For those interested in art, Italian museums are a dream come true. The birthplace of legendary artists such as Botticelli, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Da Vinci, Italy is known as the “Cradle of the Renaissance.” The Italian Renaissance art movement began in Florence, setting the tone for the rest of the world during the most influential period of artistic history. No matter where one goes in Italy, our experts can add tours of historic museums like the Uffizi Gallery, Vatican Museums, Accademia Gallery, and more. Both casual admirers of art and experienced collectors are sure to enjoy custom cultural tours of any number of Italy’s many museums.

For travelers looking to sightsee, there is no better location than Italy. The historic monuments and artistic feats held within the country’s borders are some of the best in the world, depicting a human history that goes back centuries. Travelers with an appreciation for architecture can marvel at architectural accomplishments such as the Colosseum and Pantheon in Rome or Filippo Brunelleschi’s famed Dome in Florence. Sightseers can take photos at iconic locales such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and St. Mark’s Basilica. No matter what type of architecture one is interested in, a custom cultural tour with one of our experienced guides can reveal interesting information and fun facts about the architecture that Italy is so famous for.

After taking in some sites and enjoying the museums, we love to suggest that travelers enjoy some of the local entertainment and festivals available all throughout Italy. We can arrange cultural tours which include insights into the local customs and highlight the activities that make each city unique. Throughout the year travelers can also immerse into the local culture by enjoying exciting festivals alongside locals. Some of the most famous events include the several wine and food festivals during the Vendemmia (harvest period) in Tuscany, the Carnival of Venice, the Eurochocolate chocolate festival in Perugia, and Florence’sScoppio del Carro. No matter what time of year, there is an exciting and interesting cultural event to take part in.

Of the many types of guided Italy tours we offer, our day sightseeing tours are one of the most popular. No matter where a group travels in Italy, there are always many incredible monuments, sites, and attractions to see. Whether exploring the historic center of Florence, taking in the best of Sicily, or visiting Rome for the first time, our knowledgeable tour guides can lead groups on a day sightseeing tour that is stress free, immersive and incredibly memorable.

Guided Tours of Italy

  • Food and Wine of Tuscany
  • Food and Wine of Italy
  • Food and Wine of Campania


Culinary Tours

For lovers of food and wine, there is simply no better country to explore than Italy. Italian food is arguably one of the world’s most characteristic cuisines. Just the word “Italian” conjures up images of fresh cut pasta, simply seasoned tomato sauce, and melty pizza. However, the Italian food and wine scene is vastly different than the cuisine we typically consider to be Italian. As home to the slow food movement, Italy features twenty regions, each boasting their own variety of food and wine.

The rich history of each region influences the area’s cuisine, often resulting in Italian food that is surprisingly multicultural. In Tuscany, one can expect simple and rustic dishes. In Piedmont, decadent and expensive ingredients such as truffles take center stage. In Umbria, recipes are made using local, seasonal ingredients.

Similarly, each region’s wine selection is varied. Whether a region produces great reds or crisp whites, the wine varieties of various regions are dependent on the history of the area, growing conditions, and the local winemaking traditions that span centuries.

For any foodie or wine connoisseur, Trips 2 Italy can help create Italian experience  complete with food and wine tours. Some of the best ways to experience Italian cuisine is to take a hands-on cooking class, enjoy private dining, or tour a winery. We offer all that and more in our custom culinary tour packages.

Guided Tours of Italy

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Skiing


Active Tours

Among the many incredible offerings of Italy that should be included in Italian vacation packages are the wide range of outdoor and sporting activities travelers can enjoy. The varied geography of the country which includes rolling hills, snowcapped mountains, vast natural forests, stunning sea views, flourishing lakeside shores, and expansive countryside sceneries makes for an outdoor vacation unlike any other.

Italy is home to some of the most amazing ski resorts in the world, making it ideal for skiing trips with family or friends. Popular locations for skiing in Italy include the Aosta Valley, Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont and even Sicily – which surprises travelers with its volcanic mountaintop that is perfect for skiing despite its Southern location.

Its nearly 5,000 miles of coastline offer an abundance of beach and water focused activities, from sunbathing to waterskiing to scuba diving. Oceanside locales such as the Amalfi Coast and Cinque Terre as well as lakeside retreats in the Italian Lake district (comprised of Lakes Como, Garda, and Maggiore) allow travelers to enjoy waterfront views and activities without missing out on the culture of Italy.

The hills of the countryside are perfect for horseback riding, while the history and secrets of small-town Italy can be revealed through interesting hiking and biking tours. No matter how one wishes to experience the Italian outdoors, there is an exciting experience to be had.

Whether interested in hiking the many ocean cliffside trails of Cinque Terre, biking the winding roads of the Italian countryside, or skiing the mountains of Trentino-Alto Adige, Trips 2 Italy can help sporting enthusiasts create custom Italian vacation packages that exceed their expectations.