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Fly and Drive Packages

Imagine driving along the Italian countryside. The windows are rolled down, the weather is beautiful, and nothing lays ahead except for sweeping views and the promise of a vacation unlike any other. For a truly unique trip, a fly and drive package allows the guests increased flexibility as well as a deeply immersive Italian experience. A trip to Italy does not have to be limited to a singular flight in and out of your selected destination. With Trips 2 Italy’s fly and drive packages, guests are invited to grab the wheel and head off into the Italian sunset toward whatever destination is next on their list.

We handle all of the necessary details, such as arranging your flights as well as your ground transportation, ensuring that when your plane lands in Italy, there is a car ready and waiting for you. From there, you and your travel companions simply hop in the car and take the rest of the itinerary at your own pace. From experiencing the gourmet flavors of Umbria’s legendary cuisine to the enthralling experience of the Palio of Siena, you and your group will feel like true Italians as you drive your way through Italy’s incredible landscape. There is nothing quite better than savoring the journey as much as the destinations. 

Region City Trip Type Length Of Stay

A taste of Cinque Terre Tour

Cinque Terre tour package: A land that has been reclaimed from the sea, breathtaking panoramas, dreamy spots that you will fall in love with.

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Independent Tuscany wine tour

This tour allows you to discover at leisure, the road of Classic Tuscany covering the most famed areas where the Chianti, Nobile and Brunello red wines are produced.

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A taste of Umbria tour

The ideal tour package for those seeking tranquility and purity in a region that is still relatively undiscovered. A perfect location also for families with children.

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A taste of Piedmont tour

The elegance of Turin combined with the charm of the hills which surround it, are an invitation to those who love art and culture on yet to be discovered trails full of fascination.

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Siena, Chianti and the Palio tour Package

Discover the enchanting rolling hills of Tuscany and live out the famous and unique experience of the historic Palio of Siena.

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Undiscovered Umbria tour package

This short tour is dedicated to discovering the rustic beauty of this marvelous region full of cultural and natural richness waiting to be explored.

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Explore and taste Tuscany countryside by bike tour

This unique tour explores nature and art combined with a culinary experience in the enchanting Tuscan countryside.

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Active Tour of Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre tour package: An enchanting land reclaimed from the sea, breathtaking panoramas and dreamy spots which are sure to make you fall in love with the picturesque five villages that make the Cinque Terre.

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Highlights of Tuscany tour

Ideal for honeymooners or those who wish to escape a frenetic pace of life while enjoying the pleasures of art and culture.

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Flavors of Venice tour

A program aimed at letting you see Venice under a different light, from the point of view of its tradional flavours by cooking courses and wine tasting.

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A taste of Apulia tour

The Apulia region, the heel of Italy, holds many surprises and preserves both major artistic treasures as well as naturalistic beauties too

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A taste of Tuscany tour

A short tour package aimed to invite you to enjoy at your leisure the charm of Tuscany with its many characteristics and flavors.

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Gourmet Umbria Tour Package

Discover, cook and taste the traditional flavors of Umbria by visiting their places of origin and combining an interest for the countryside with love of good food.

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A taste of Parma and Modena tour

Parma: an area that is not well known but capable of instilling strong emotions. Those who love eating well will find their paradise here.

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Explore Tuscany countryside by bike tour

The Tuscan countryside is an encompassing call to those who love the outdoors, put your sporting ability to the test by following our expert guides on trekking & mountain bikes.

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Flavors of Marche tour

This short tour reach the most suggestive places of the Marche country-side and the flavors of the traditional local recipes.

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A taste of Veneto tour

The Veneto is not just Venice. The marvellous gems that are enclosed in this region need to be discovered slowly. We will help you in their discovery with our best guides.

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Self walking Amalfi Coast Tour

For the nature lovers, this walking tour, promises natural trials in a suggestive scenery like the Amalfi cost, across small green paths which go down at the sea.

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Short active holiday in Umbria Tour

A short active holiday in Umbria for a taste of nature hiking through the National park of Monti Sibillini and surrounding charming villages. Tour includes a taste of the region's delectable cuisine.

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A taste of Lake Maggiore tour

The most charming aspects of this famous corner of Italy, home to Italian aristocrats and inspiration to famous writers and other personalities, are united in this enchanting tour.

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Milan Shopping tour

Milan is known as being one of the world's leading fashion capitals. This program has been designed for fashion devotees and is combined with a cultural experience.

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Flavors of Langhe tour

Langhe is a land to taste slowly day by day through its great wines, impressive castles and unforgettable dishes. You will dream to be back there again.

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A taste of Lake Como tour

This tour of Lake Como is for those who wish to discover this area rich in history, although today is mostly a tourist destination due to its breathtaking and relaxing scenery.

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A taste of Florence Tour

If you have never seen Florence this short package tour is for you. You'll be able to loose yourself in a ancient dream, where the city describes itself.

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Small gems of Umbria and Tuscany Tour

In a week long tour you will have the good fortune to discover some smaller jewels of these two sister regions, amid the harmony of a territory that has not yet been discovered by mass tourism.

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