Vespa, a “wasp” on two wheels


VespaOne of the symbol of Italy is the famous moto scooter, Vespa. Vespa in italian means wasp. The legend told that the name of this unique moped was born when Enrico Piaggio, the founder of the current Piaggio Group, made this exclamation "Sembra una Vespa! (It seems like a wasp!)" the first time that he heard the sound of that motor scooter. From that moment the Vespa became one of the most recognized product of Italian design all over the world. The Vespa has been part of many design and art exhibitions in different museums, for this reason is part of the permanent collection of the Triennale Design Museum of Milano and of the MoMA of New York. Vespa like others motorcycles has became a worship vehicle with a lot of fans which love to gather and enjoy the same itineraries. Like in the occasion of the Vespa World Days, which in the 2014 was in Mantova, and instead for the 2015 will be in Croatia.

In those days thousands and thousands of Vespa fans join together to share a common love, their "wasp on two wheels".

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