Love Gelato? Learn To Be A Gelatiere!

Bologna Gelato University

Bologna Gelato UniversityMany people travel to Italy to learn how to cook classic Italian recipes. But have you thought about dessert? If you have ever enjoyed gelato, you may wonder how it is made, what the difference is from ice cream and, possibly, how you could start your own business.If this is the case, you will want to travel just outside of Bologna, to Carpigiani Gelato University, the world famous school in Anzola dell’Emilia. While there are some gelato makers that cut corners and make the dessert from powdered mixes, to truly understand the real thing, you will want to go to the experts who specialize in teaching students the art of becoming a Gelatiere.

Whether it is for personal satisfaction of professional aspirations, approximately 12,000 students have made the journey.  You can enroll in the basic course, which teaches you the ABCs of gelato and how to produce a variety of different flavors, along with sorbets, gelato pastries and even how to start a gelato shop of your own.

Some of the interesting aspects of what differentiates gelato from ice cream are basic to how it is made. First, good gelato is made fresh every day and contains more air than ice cream. It is also generally lower in fat and sugar. In fact, by using fresh fruit and an alternative type of sugar, it can have a lower glycemic index, yet still have the creamy texture and rich flavor. All of these details are covered in the basic course.

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit who think that becoming a Gelatiere could be a professional calling, the University offers up to four weeks of training, as well as internships. You will learn everything from the basics of gelato making to how to create a business plan, marketing techniques and merchandising ideas to start your own shop. The courses are taught in numerous languages, including English.

So next time you crave that unique blend of milk, cream, eggs, sugar, fresh fruit and nuts, think about going to the experts and learn how to make this authentic Italian specialty for yourself!

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