5 Things Tourists Should NOT Do in Venice while on Vacation


Venice is a particular city with its own unwritten rules and local customs. Unfortunately most visitors are unaware of these practices, much to the annoyance of the Venetians. Therefore, keep these five tips in mind the next time you travel to Venice and not only will you feel more like a local, but the actual locals will thank you!

  1. Don’t stop in the middle of crowded streets

Venetians are often in a hurry, so remember this as you admire their city. Whenever you stop to take a better look at a monument or other attraction, be sure to leave enough space for people to easily walk around you. Similarly, when walking down narrow streets, always stay on the right side to leave room for pedestrians coming from the other direction or to allow those behind you to pass if they are moving at a faster pace.

  1. Don’t sit on the city’s busy bridges

If you are looking to rest for a moment, the steps of the Rialto Bridge are not a good place to do this. Many of Venice’s bridges are main arteries for pedestrians, so blocking these bridges in any way can upset the flow of traffic. Another activity we do not recommend is stopping to take selfies in the middle of Venice’s bridges or busy streets.

  1. Don’t travel without a map

Some of the most beautiful and inspiring parts of Venice are not located near the main tourist areas. As a result, we highly encourage you to spend some time wandering the city’s winding side streets. However, save yourself a huge headache by keeping a detailed map of the city with you at all times. Without it, you are guaranteed to get lost and you will have to ask the locals for help.

  1. Don’t eat the pizza

If this is your first trip to Italy, you may be tempted to eat pizza everywhere you go, but this is a mistake. In Italy, cuisine is regional and it is best to try the local dishes of the city or region you are currently visiting. Though most areas of Italy offer delicious varieties of pizza, this famous dish is actually local to Naples, so head there to find the most authentic pizza possible. When in Venice, we recommend skipping pizza and instead enjoying typical delicacies featuring cicchetti, risotto or fresh seafood. Daring travellers may wish to try a local favorite: pasta al nero di seppia (pasta with cuttlefish ink).

  1. Don’t stay for just a day or two

As mentioned above, the beauty of Venice is found in its hidden corners, so allow yourself enough time to wander the city and soak up its unique atmosphere. If you hurriedly pass from one tourist spot to the next, you will be doing yourself a great disservice. The only way to truly visit Venice is to pick a direction and explore, but don’t forget your map!

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