Motor Show the Fair of Motorsports

motor show

motor showIn Italy we love foods, we love our traditions and we love a laid back life style. There is another thing that we love very very much, motorsports. Our motoring heritage is huge with brands like Ferrari or Maserati and with racing drivers like Alex Zanardi, Valentino Rossi or Giacomo Agostini. So in Italy, we celebrate every year our passion for cars, motorcycle and motorsports, in Bologna, with the Motor Show, an international fair that attracts people from all over Italy and Europe.

The idea of the Motor Show was imagined by Mario Zodiaco, with the intention to create a different kind of fair not like other big fairs as Geneva or Torino, something more entertaining something that could involve women and children. So from 1976, the Motor Show is a "date" for everyone who is passionate about motorsports, cars and all the things that surround them.

In this big event, that usually last one week, the visitors have the opportunity to see prototypes, Formula 1 cars, motorcycle, experiencing driving test, see many different motorsports event in the outside area and also enjoying the marvelous Emilia Romagna cuisine. In the indoor area could happen to meet and greet many racing drivers, always available for a little chat about the championship or autograph your hat or your t-shirt.

In Italy, we have got a quote which says "Donne e motori, gioie e dolori" that in American English sounds like this "Women and motors, joys and pains". For this reason, thousands of Italians attend the Motor Show because they can see the perfect match between brand new cars and beautiful ladies in the exhibition booths, without being "harmed".

Despite the edition of 2013 was cancelled due to the international automobile crisis, this year the fair starts again with more to see and more to get, in the period between the 6th and 14th of December.

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