Have You Ever Heard About Sordevolo’s Passion Play?

Year 2010 offers  you the opportunity to live a unique experience in Italy. If you loose it, you have to wait till year 2015 to take it again: as a matter of fact, only every five years, the village of Sordevolo -  not far from Torino - transform itself in a  extraordinary open air theatre where the representation of Christ’s Passion take place.

Not only people interested in religion or in ancient popular  theatre but any traveler  will surely recognize this 3 hours performance – based on a late 15th century text - as an extraordinary  choral event  involving  more then 400 amateur actors  and the entire community of 1300 people,  who spend many months reconstructing a corner of Jerusalem.

Read more about the events and contact us to book the Italian tour including Sordevolo!

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