CICERO No.1, May 2011 – Anno MMXI, Vol. 2

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Trips 2 Italy BlogCICERO No. 1 - Anno MMXI Travel Newsletter of Italy
Maggio 2011 - Vol. 2

Dear Trips2Italy’s Friends,

May is a time for magic, as the first real warmth of a promised summer begins, coaxing everyone to enjoy the outdoors. Italy is known for its museums, galleries and shopping, but have you ever considered the many natural wonders this country offers?

The Bernina Express is a UNESCO heritage train line, passing through the north of Italy to the heart of the Italian Alps. This famous red train is an ingenious way to enjoy forests, mountains, glaciers and fields of edelweiss in a relaxed, luxurious manner. You may even have time to enjoy a picnic along the way…

If you prefer a more active vacation, perhaps you should consider a stay on Lake Maggiore. Waterskiing, diving, hiking and biking are all enjoyable pursuits on the largest lake in Italy, and three islands call out for you to visit them. But perhaps you should avoid the folly of the lake’s other visitors.

It’s said that passion burns with a red hot flame. If so, then a volcano is the most passionate thing of all. We take a look at the island of Stromboli, where continuous volcanic eruptions create beautiful images against the night sky and inspire a fire dancing festival.

Speaking of incendiary situations, we visit with the infamous Borgia family, where popes, murderers and lovers all collided into one scandalous gene pool. Could there be anything better than a bit of gossip to contemplate while lying on the beach?

Enjoy the reading, enjoy your virtual trip!

Tommaso De Poi
CEO Trips2Italy

This Cicero Newsletter features:

- Lombardia: The Bernina Express
- Lake Maggiore - Lago Maggiore
- Stromboli: Dancing With The Vulcano
- The Borgia Clan: Murder, Lust And The Vatican

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