Venice Carnival began in the 15th century but the tradition can be traced back to the beginning of the 14th Century.  Story tells that in the past  even princes from all over Europe came to Venice  and in the Carnival period no differentiation could be made between nobility and the common people.

The Venetians used to grant themselves any transgression and the masks were  used to keep their anonymity and to let them enjoy any amusement. Carnival is  nowadays the major festival celebrated  in Venice, which attracts  every year thousands of tourists.

The Carnival officially begins with the “flight of the angel”, which draws the biggest crowd. Traditionally a man did acrobatics from Saint Mark’s bell tower  to the lodge of Palazzo Ducale and then offered poetical compositions to the Doge, the chief magistrate and leader of the Republic of Venice.  This tradition has been recently resumed and a special guest star  plays the role of the Angel, going down from the tower to the square ground. An historical parade  follows.

The city  transforms itself  in a huge stage for a period of 10 days: streets and squares  are full of spectacular  masks and costumes. It is one of the most ancient and charming feast you can imagine. It is a magic world made of jokes, balls, parades and open air theatre.

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