Take Flight Through The Lucanian Dolomites

matera_flight_of_the_angel_view_blg_02The “Dolomiti Lucane” or Lucanian Dolomites is found in the Regional Park of Gallipoli Cognato in the heart of Basilicata. This rocky chain of sandstones has a rugged, almost lunar landscape, which is reminiscent of the mountains of the eastern Alps.

Perched on top of these mountains are the medieval villages of Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano, which offer an ideal location for birdwatchers, as the inaccessible rock face provides shelter to many birds of prey. It is also a favorite destination for rock climbers, trekkers and horse riders, as well as mountain bike enthusiasts.

For those who may want another truly unique way to experience the beauty of these amazing mountains and villages, you might want to try the “Volo dell’ Angelo”, or Angel in Flight. This extreme sport is the first cable railway of its kind in Italy and the infrastructure is the tallest and longest zip line in the world.

matera_flight_of_the_angel_view_blg_01Suspended from a mile-long steel cable 400 meters above the ground and traveling at 120 km an hour, you will literally be able to fly from one point to the other attached to a steel cable, tied in total safety with a body harness. Your first “flight”, known as "San Martino", begins from Pietrapertosa (altitude 1020 m) and arrives in Castelmezzano (arrival altitude 859 m) after covering 1415 meters. Once landed, you will have the opportunity to walk amongst the old houses of this ancient picturesque village, taste the local cuisine, and enjoy the beautiful panorama, this time with your feet planted firmly on the ground. As soon as you are ready, a shuttle bus will bring you at the departure station of the other line, where you will fly back. This second “flight” is called "Peschiera" and starts from Castelmezzano (altitude 1019 meters) and arrives in Pietrapertosa (arrival altitude 888 m), covering 1452 meters.

Tickets include a round trip journey. Minimum age is 16 years of age and the opportunity to experience the Flight of the Angel is available from June through September. This is a wonderful adventure that is sure to add an extra “zip” to your experience in Italy!

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