CICERO No.7, Jul 2010 – Anno MMX, Vol. 1

Trips 2 Italy Blog

Trips 2 Italy BlogCICERO No. 7 - Anno MMX Travel Newsletter of Italy
Luglio 2010 - Vol. 1

Dear Trips2Italy’s Friends,
At last … it is summer again! The sun shines on the Bel Paese and Italy shows itself in glory: The Tuscany hills are dramatic carpets of sunflowers; the Italian coastlines glitter with all the colours and nuances of the sea; and the land transforms itself into a palette of sensations.
Summer is time for travelling. Let’s begin our virtual tour … with a two-wheeled legend among Italian transportation. You have surely heard about the popular Guzzi motorbikes. Gearheads from all over the world visit the factory of this vintage motorbike in Mandello, on Lake Como’s lakeshore.

I would like to share more about the lake that is the native land of Guzzi Bike: Lake Como. Artists and writers from the 18th century up through today have been writing about its wonders. There is no artistic license in the enthusiastic feelings and descriptions with which poets have viewed this lake.

Summer is then a wonderful time to spend some days – or even a couple of weeks – in the magnificent Sardinia. People say that Sardinia’s glorious sea has nothing at all to envy when compared to the Carribean. And believe us… it is not a lie.  The proof in the pudding!

Remaining in the great land of Sardinia, I will then introduce you to a traditional cheese that some find delicious, some simply… revolting. Read the reason why!

Enjoy the reading, enjoy your virtual trip!

Tommaso De Poi
CEO Trips2Italy Group

This Cicero Newsletter features:
- Mandello: Guzzi Mortorbike The Flight Of The Eagle
- Lago di Como: Lake Como
- Sardinia: Outside Time And History
- Food: Casu Marzu - The Sardinian Cheese With Worms
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