CICERO No.5/6, Jun 2010 – Anno MMX, Vol. 1

Trips 2 Italy Blog

Trips 2 Italy BlogCICERO No. 5 / 6 - Anno MMX Travel newsletter of Italy
Maggio/Giugno 2010 - Vol 1

Dear Trips2Italy’s Friends,

Here we are with our monthly appointment, thanks to which I have the opportunity to talk you about my beloved Country.

Volcanoes have caused serious problems to travellers recently, blocking airspace and grounding planes, and making me think about the high concentration of volcanoes in Italy. I will introduce you to these sleeping giants, quiet for the most part, but quite capable of making themselves heard.

Going on with the tradition of presenting an Italian UNESCO site, let’s talk this time about one of the magnificent palaces in the word: the wonderful Reggia di Caserta.

Always very artistically inclined, and always crowded with cultural events, Italy is hosting an art exhibition dedicated to Giorgio De Chirico, who founded the Metaphysical School art movement 100 years ago, one of the most important and fertile cultural movements of the whole of the twentieth century.

At last, read about a curious battle taking place every year in Ivrea, North of Italy, not far from Turin.
During this popular festival, citrus fruits are used as if they were stones, recalling an old story, which I will tell you in a few lines.

Enjoy the reading, enjoy your virtual trip!

Tommaso De Poi
CEO Trips2Italy Group

This Cicero Newsletter features:
- Ivrea: Oranges instead of Stones for the Mille's Daughter
- Caserta: The Royal Palace in Caserta
- Italy: The Italian Fire Giants
- Rome: The Father of Metaphysical School in Rome

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