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Italian Honeymoon Packages To Eternal Rome

Pantheon Rome
Colosseum Carriage
Trastevere Restaurant
Palazzo del Progresso
Panoramic View of the Colosseum
Couple Selfie Trevi Fountain
Imperial Fora
St. Peter's Square Vatican City
Priest Riding Bicycle Vatican
Trevi Fountain
Villa Adriana Gardens Tivoli
Sunset on the Tiber River


6 Days/5 Nights

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Rome (or Roma, as the Italians say) is the heart of Italy. As Italy’s capital and largest city, it encapsulates Italian life, history, and love. With a rich background and passionate people, Rome has truly stood the test of time. Some refer to Rome as the “Eternal City”, because the ancient Roman people believed that no matter what the future would hold for the world or how many empires would rise or fall, the city of Rome would live on forever. For newlyweds, the passion, longevity, and amore of the Eternal City serves as an idyllic backdrop to set the tone for the beginning of your eternal love.

Help Me Plan My Honeymoon to Rome

Trips 2 Italy’s Eternal Rome Honeymoon package promises a memorable and romantic getaway for couples who are on the cusp of the rest of their lives together. Completely customizable, you and your love can work with our knowledgeable and passionate staff to create a once in a lifetime experience that is as unique as your love for one another. With so much to offer, Rome will cement itself in your memories and in your hearts as you embark on a personalized lover’s escape with your new spouse. 

Legendary Sightseeing
Who better to experience some of the world’s most inspiring and jaw-dropping sights with than your love? Together you and your partner can choose from some of Rome’s famed destinations to create an adventure beyond your wildest dreams. 
Take in the Sistine Chapel’s stunning and impressive frescoes, including some of Michelangelo’s most famous works, hand in hand with your beloved. 
Marvel together at the architectural accomplishment that is the infamous Colosseum. There is a saying that says as long as the Colosseum stands, Rome will stand. Imagine the strength and solidity of the Colosseum as a representation of the strength of your love for each other.  
Toss a coin into the much loved Trevi Fountain. Roman legend states that if visitors toss a coin into the fountain, they are assured that they will return to the fountain again one day. What a way to promise to one another an eventual return to the place where your love got its start!
Sit with your new spouse atop the renowned Spanish Steps (Scalina Spagna), which connect the Piazza di Spagna and the Trinita dei Monti. As a location that has served as a source of inspiration for many romantic poets, artists, and painters, the Spanish Steps and the precious moments you share there will serve as constant and abiding inspiration throughout your marriage. 
In addition, Trips 2 Italy prides itself on our personal relationships with local Italian vendors and tour guides who can lead you and your spouse to some of the lesser known, but no less fantastic sights. For an intimate and romantic sightseeing escape, you could enjoy less traveled museums or walk the streets to locally owned restaurants for a truly authentic Roman evening. 

Help Me Plan My Honeymoon to Rome

The energy and spirit of Rome is captured so perfectly in the city’s views. A modern city nestled within rich history and tradition, Rome’s architecture, squares, cathedrals, and piazzas are a feast for the eyes. As with couples, who are made up of two halves of the same whole, Roman views often provide the best of both natural landscape and man-made structural marvels. In Rome, nature is nestled up right against the stone walls that create the skyline, creating a unique fusion that is reflective of the way Rome magically manages to be both modern and historic at the same time. 
Home to some of the world’s most legendary historical sights, Rome is the perfect place for newlyweds to begin writing their history together. From the Colosseum to the Pantheon to the Vatican, Rome houses some of the most well-preserved and well-maintained historical destinations on Earth. Seeing any of these iconic locales with your partner will create unforgettable memories! 

The art, music, and culture that make up Rome truly must be experienced firsthand to be fully appreciated. The city seeps culture from every pore. Some even say that the city itself is an open-door museum, with every corner and neighborhood telling a unique and inspiring story. From the exquisite art that Rome boasts in its many famed museums to the unparalleled cuisine and wine served in cafes owned and operated by locals, you and your spouse will enjoy immersing yourselves in the splendor and personality of the Eternal City
When crafting the perfect honeymoon for you and your love, Trips 2 Italy will prioritize the Roman sights and locations that best fit your desires. Whether you are a couple of history buffs looking for a jam-packed vacation where you can capitalize on the many wondrous, historical opportunities Rome has to offer, or you want to spend a more laid-back, slow-paced, and intimate experience with one another, we can ensure our Eternal Rome Honeymoon package is unique to each individual couple. 
The beauty of a honeymoon to Rome will remain in the hearts of lovers forever. Even after decades together you will be able to think upon your time spent holding one another, gazing upon the Roman views and you will be reminded of the passion and beauty of when your love was young. These timeless moments spent together are the ones that help any love remain fresh, vibrant, and full for all eternity.


Help Me Plan My Honeymoon to Rome

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