Alison, Zan and Wyn

Amalfi Coast People Family Vacation
Review for Family Vacation

Hello Tommaso,Our Italian adventure was absolutely, positively perfect in every way!
The itinerary was filled with amazing experiences that we may never have found on our own each hotel, Florence, Sorrento and Rome, was ideal for our family and all located close to the sights and attractions we most wanted to experience. It would be impossible to write every positive impression we had, but of particular note was the pizza making day with Luccia, the guide - Elvira - at Pompeii and Pompeii ( ! ), the day trip to San Gimignano/Sienna, and SERGIO who treated us like royalty, and the cooking class in Florence.
As you promised, the sites and smells, the freshest food and flavors, the sun drenched colors of Italy were all too good to be true. As you know it was my boys' first trip to Italy I hope we will all be able to return many times again in our lifetimes. There were so many special moments and experiences that we will never forget.
My upmost thanks to you and your staff who created such extraordinary travel for us.  You are our travel planning hero and we thank you for all that you did to make our adventure something we will never forget!