Kate & Andrew S. – Lake Como Tuscany Rome Amalfi Honeymoon

Tuscany Hill Country Pic Nic

Tommaso! First of all, THANK YOU for the most incredible trip we have ever taken! I cant say enough great things about the locations you picked out, the hotel rooms, and even the fine details of what kinds of views our rooms had. We also really appreciated the small touches like the Champagne and treats at each of our hotel spots. No small detail was gone un-noticed. It truly made the world of a difference in our experience! We absolutely loved Italy!! Lake Como is hands-down our favorite. We hope to return there again someday. Possibly for an Anniversary trip? :) We hope to spend more time in Como, but also explore some of the other sides of the lake when we return. We loved the Itinerary. For never going to Italy before, it's hard to know what we would like/dislike, but I think Andrew and I are on mutual agreement that we could have done without Milan. While we appreciate the history, I think we could have stuck to just Florence and Rome for the "city" vibe of our trip. We absolutely loved Lake Como (Like I said) and all of our experiences in Tuscany. I wish we would have done more food tours, similar to the ones we did in Rome, but again, that's not something we could have known without going through the experience. It was cool to eat like a local, and go off the beaten path of tourist spots. We could have also skipped the Vatican. Although it's a one-in-a-lifetime thing to see, we aren't particularly religious people, so the significance of it was sort of lost on us. It was great to see the Sistine chapel while we were there though. That, I would recommend. We stuck to your planned itinerary for the entire trip, which was exceptional. We do not feel like we "missed out" on anything in Italy. With that being said, the schedule was so jam packed that we really didn't have a lot of leisure time to wander the streets, with the exception of 1 day in Como, 1 day in Siena, and our last day in Sorrento. While we feel like we got the most "bang for the buck" with our itinerary, I think we both under-estimated how jam-packed our schedules would be and I think we both agreed that we would have toned down the tours a bit if we were to do it all over again. Again, with that being said, we learned a lot in each place we went and having a guided tour did help us make the most of the time we had in each city, because it showed us what to spend our time on and what to skip. So, I suppose its a catch-22. We certainly feel like we had an incredible experience and each day we learned something more and more valuable to take back and share with our friends and family. We have a few more friends getting married soon and considering planning their honeymoon. I have already recommended you to one of our couple friends. I cant imagine NOT going through a planner like you for such a trip, and we wished you did trips like this for other countries too! Thank you again for all of the time, effort, details and special touches you put to making our Honeymoon simply incredible. Your Italy is certainly beautiful, and we feel that you helped us experience it in the best way possible. Thank you again!! Kate & Andrew S.