Cynthia F.

Rome Colosseum Tour with Guide

" Tommaso,Great to hear from you! In fact I was just thinking that I owed you an email now that back home.We had an AMAZING time! It is always perfect when I get to spend time 1x1 with my daughter and to do it in such a wonderful place made it extra special.I had mentioned to you before how much of a fashionista/shopper my daughter always has been, so when we weren't on one of the tours on our itinerary, we were wandering around the city and spending time in and out of the many shops.My favorite things out of the time spent...The Rome Food Tour was fabulous - great food, great guide, great time. Our Tuscan cooking class was another BIG HIGHLIGHT. We received a free upgrade to the small group class in a Tuscan Villa because Trips2Italy is such a good client of the Florence tour company. It was great fun and Amanda and I even replicated the dish (bolognese sauce with home made pasta) when we were back in Berlin. I hope to make it again sometime soon for my sons. We overslept and missed our early entry, small tour for the Vatican museums. Still wanted to see it so we went with one of the public groups. Really wish we hadn't missed our early entry one --- it was very crowded and hot and the groups were so large that although we can say we saw it, we really weren't able to SEE IT! All of the tour guides you arranged for us were very knowledgeable and shared their personal perspective on the cities they were in. I know Amanda wasn't real keen on the guided tour idea, but I think we learned so much more than we ever would have on our own. I especially enjoyed the two points of view on the Florence vs. Sienna preference. After all the years, they both still think of themselves as "better" than their counterpart. Some things aren't easily forgotten or forgiven apparently.We can't wait to go back sometime. I'm sure there are some shops that we didn't find (although judging from the amount of items we purchased, I don't think there are many) and there are places we didn't see --- new cities. We did mention that we should have prepared to take in an Italian Opera while in Italy! The Trevi fountain was under renovation when we were there, so that would be another thing that I would say we missed.Thank you again to you and your staff for putting together our AMAZING trip to Italy!!!! Thank goodness my daughter only turns 30 once --- by credit cards couldn't take another trip right away!!! *;) winking Warmest regards,Cindy F. "