David S.

Rome Trevi Fountain Detail
Review for Family Vacation

Thank you very much for managing our trip for us. There is so much to do and so much to see, it can be hard to make the choice about how to spend the time Everyone in the group was happy with the choices. The guides were very helpful, knowledgeable and very friendly and personable. We enjoyed interacting with all of them. The only part that did not seem to add much was our stop off in Naples on the way to Pompei but we understood the reason for that and it was good to get a taste for Naples.Our group really enjoyed seeing Pompei, it was such an amazing experience for all of us. And of course the Vatican and the Uffizi were just overwhelming in the magnitude of art and wonder. And of course being in the Colliseum was beyond imagining.All of the particulars of the trip went off without problem which was very helpful in saving time and energy.The cars, the hotel, the car rental and the connections were all well managed and greatly made our trip enjoyable and stress free. The hotel was very good, a good location and very helpful and friendly staff. We did get to Chiribiri in San Gimignano and it was a good suggestion, very good, friendly and enjoyable staff can't wait until we get a chance to go back. Thanks again from the whole group