Dan and Jennifer D.

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Review for Honeymoon Vacation

" We had a wonderful trip! We werent quite ready to come home yet when we left.We very much enjoyed both the Amalfi coast ride and the trip to Capri. During the Amalfi coast tour we were able to take a boat and cruise down the coast from the water, it was fantastic. All of the dining recommendations were great, we enjoyed Il Buco very much. The was great! The personal tour of Pompeii was great, our guide was very good.Rome: It was a bit more difficult finding the Hotel from the train station, but we eventually did We enjoyed seeing all of the sights (Coloseum, Vatican, Piazza Novana, etc) and our favorite place to eat was Trattoria Del Pallaro. The Hotel was good, and the people were very nice. I think we decided we liked a slower pace better.Getting out of Rome in the car was tricky, but we did it. We did get an Alfa Romeo! We enjoyed the drive and did stop in Orvieto. It was very pretty. We enjoyed the small size of Siena. The second day we drove around Chianti and stopped at two wineries... It was one of our favorite days of the entire trip. The wine tour the next day was fun as well. All restaurant recommendations were great, and the bed and breakfast was a great location. Elisa was very nice . We enjoyed a glass of wine at Il Campo and gelato at Grom almost each night.We liked Florence a great deal even though we stayed a short time. We ate at the restaurant with the white boar it was very good. Highly recommended if we went again. We enjoyed the Uffizi and the Accademia. The folks at Hotel said to tell you Hello.Our train to Venice was 35 minutes delayed which put us in late We got to the Hotel with just enough time to make the Opera, which was fantastic. La Fenice is quite a place. We were not as impressed with the Hotel the staff were not as friendly, and they were the only hotel to not serve us champagne or wine upon our check-in Overall, we like Sorrento the best with Siena/Tuscany a close second. Next time, we want to spend more time in both of those places and see the Italian Rivera Ciao"