Clara & David G. – Rome & Venice Short Trip To Italy

Thank you, Emily; yes, I am happy to reply with our experience. We enjoyed Italy very much. The vouchers worked perfectly in every case. It was no trouble at all finding all of the meeting places. Every service provided was of good quality. In Venice, we toured the Doges Palace and learned what was done in order to establish law and order in Venice. We also toured St. Marks. Though it was cold and pouring rain, it was worth it. Restaurant Osteria Al Milion, San Giovanni Christiomo, 5841 has quintessential Venetian charm, a welcoming attitude, warmth, excellent cuisine, and service. In Rome, we toured the City, the churches, the Vatican, and the catacombs. Per your suggestion, Restaurant 34, was excellent. We didnt know we should have reserved, but were offered a table anyway and received excellent service. The Tagliolini with clams was very yummy. It was fun to watch the waiters buzz around to all the tables patiently, yet with that Italian flair, explaining the dishes in both English and Italian. We walked miles and miles in the daytime and evenings to explore the history and were awed by the cultures of both cities. We had many favorite sof which is The Hotel Columbia, which abounded in charm, including a chandelier in our room trimmed in beautiful Murano Glass. The service was exquisite. Both hotels were centrally located, so everything was within walking distance. The timing and quality of our tours (all told, we took five) was convenient and the information presented was understandable, and questions were answered knowledgably and enthusiastically. The Hotel Columbia comped us a basket of fresh fruit for my husband's birthday, which was a very nice surprise. Thank you, also for gifting us the bottle of champagne to help with our celebration. One of the first impressions was the seemingly endless graffiti defacing the exteriors of buildings all along the train route between the two cities and in many places within the cities, which detracts measurably from Italian charm. An equal, if not more-so a detraction is the pervasive, invasive smoking that goes on in public areas. We were not able to enjoy our meals while seated at table outside of the restaurants for this reason. The only other downside is the aggressiveness of street vendors, who should, likewise be outlawed or at least restricted. None of these downsides have a thing to do with the service we received from Trips2Italy. We will ask for your services again in the future and enthusiastically recommend you. Servizio eccellente! Clara and David G. Houston, TX U.S.A.