Clarence and Brenda

Review for Custom Vacation

Birthday and Wedding Anniversary - Rome, Florence, Venice (September 21-30, 2014)My husband and I just wanted to thank you (and your whole team) for a truly wonderful blessed experience of our trip to Italy. WE thank you for going. Above and beyond! The scheduling of drivers pick-up to and from the airports, to the tour guides, and all the tour guides was amazing. We were bumped up from all the other tour groups and had easier access compared to the other people visiting the sites. It seems that people gave us top priority and treated us with respect throughout the whole trip. We want to thank you for creating the perfect vacation for us. My birthday celebration and wedding anniversary was truly a dream come true.I must say we had the time of our lives in your beautiful country. The trip was absolutely amazing! We loved all of the places, we were treated so well, and everything was so organized. Thanks again for arranging it all and making it happen.Again, many thanks for all your efforts and I look forward to working with you on plans for future trips to Italy soon.Mr. Tommaso De Poi gave us excellent advice on what to wear, eat, and how to handle money exchanges. The whole team from Trips2italy are from Italy, so please use their advice. To others that will read our comments in the beginning, I was skeptical on going, but I would have missed a life time trip of my dreams. The trip was absolutely amazing! We loved Rome, Florence, and Venice. Please take the tours of the different places and learn about the people and culture. The food was amazingly good. The hotels were top notch. On our wedding anniversary night returning from dinner my Lord, the room had rose petals from the door entrance, bathroom, floor and bed, large box of delicious chocolate candy, and bath robes with slippers.There really are not any words to explain our trip to Italy.