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Italy is recognized worldwide as one of the most romantic destinations for couples to escape to. Both the atmosphere and culture of Italy lends itself to lovers, allowing couples to sink into their senses and be more present with their partner. Italy’s stunning landscape views are a feast for the eyes, while the sounds of water crashing against the Italian Riviera’s shore or lapping against Venice’s famed canals brings a sense of peace and calm.

The flavors of Italian cuisine dance on the tongue, only to be cleansed by exquisite, locally crafted wines. Meanwhile, the intoxicating smells of the next course brings excitement of things to come. All of this is made complete by the feel of your loved one’s touch as you experience true Italia together.

Trips 2 Italy’s staff is specialized and knowledgeable of all things Italy. Our goal is to help you and your partner turn the romantic getaway of your dreams into a reality. Whether for a honeymoon, engagement celebration, or simply a romantic vacation with your partner, our custom itinerary package ensures every moment during your trip will be one you will remember for the rest of your life.

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Featured Romantic Activities

•    Wine Tasting
•    Vineyard Tours
•    Food Tours
•    Moonlit Walks
•    Hands-On Cooking Classes
•    Legendary Sightseeing
•    Candlelight Dinners

Featured Romantic Destinations In Italy


Couples can indulge and envelope themselves in the endless romantic splendor of the “Eternal City” as it has been called for centuries. The ancient Romans believed that Rome could stand the test of time and would survive anything the world could throw at it. Like the love you have for your partner, Italians believe that Rome is eternal.
Offering a wealth of unbelievable and legendary sightseeing, including the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, and so much more, Rome is an ideal destination for those looking for the quintessential Italian experience. A modern city that still seeps ancient charm, Rome offers many unique and romantic activities for couples to enjoy.

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Imagine savoring the eclectic and succulent views of a quaint Tuscan village underneath a star filled sky. With the love of your life by your side, an adventure through the Italian countryside promises to live up to every Italian fantasy you could imagine. With rolling hills, charming farmhouses, and a one of a kind, rustic cuisine, Italy’s region of Tuscany is unique and special, offering couples the opportunity for many great experiences together.
Boasting some of the world’s greatest wineries, a couple with a taste for vino would love to indulge in some legendary Chianti classico or take a tour through a local vineyard. For those who love food, couples will delight in Tuscany’srustic and simple cuisine that stuns by highlighting local, fresh ingredients. Lovers of art and architecture will appreciate the region’s deep rooted history and enjoy visiting some of the world’s most beautiful Duomos, Basilicas, and Cathedrals. No matter what you and your partner enjoy, trust that Tuscany will provide.


You and your partner could drift away on a private gondola ride for two while being serenaded on Venice’s historic canals. Imagine falling in love all over again while floating on the pristine waters of the tranquil Mediterranean. With its old-world, baroque architecture and lavish canal system, Venice is truly a once in a lifetime destinations for couples.
Home to Casanova, a world-famous lover, Venice offers couples a chance to seemingly escape to an older time. The charming city of Venice offers amazing shopping at small, local stores that you and your partner can reach by walking the quiet streets. Take home timeless souvenirs such as Murano glass pieces or traditional Venetian masks. For those that love the theater, consider a romantic opera performance at the Theatre La Fenice. Or simply enjoy your time together by indulging in the breathtaking views of the near endless lagoon from the top of the St. Mark’s Campanile bell tower. As a city that oozes love and passion, Venice is the ideal place to bring your loved one.

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Italian Riviera

Heralded as one of the most romantic destinations in all of Italy, couples will be in awe of the stunning landscape views created by the terraced slopes perched on the cliffs of the coast. The colorful homes that comprise the fishing villages of the area pair perfectly with the blue sky and sapphire water of the Mediterranean. This region is a romantic paradise for couples.
Couples can walk together in Cinque Terre along the Via dell’Amore, otherwise known as the “Path of Love” and bask in the breathtaking views. For outdoor enthusiasts, the region offers amazing natural hiking, walking, and running paths to truly immerse you in the wonder that nature has to offer. Dine on fresh caught seafood paired with delectable, local white wine. Beautiful coastlines and enchanting towns await the romantic at heart in the Italian Riviera.

When creating the perfect romantic getaway for you and your amore, Trips 2 Italy will work with you directly to build a package that meets your exact desires. No matter what enchanting Italian destination you choose or which romantic activities you plan to indulge in, we promise that your getaway will be everything you could dream of.