Scott and Valerie C.

Caserta Royal Palace Garden View

We loved everything about the trip The second day was the day we were scheduled to do a walking tour of the Colosseum and Ancient Rome. We easily found our tour guide The tour guide was wonderful. She was a native of Rome and an archaeologist We eventually arrived in Sorrento. We were taken to our hotel only to fall in love with the hotel, the marina it was located in and everything about Sorrento Day five we ventured out to the bus stop and waited to board a bus to Amalfi The bus quickly filled up with the last person to enter being an older, local gentleman. He stood on the steps in front of us and proceed to become our personal tour guide. He pointed out many sites to take pictures of and gave us the names of the various islands, towns and places While discussing the trip, Scott and I felt the favorite things were the people as they were surprisingly charming and kind, and the ability to just walk everywhere and enjoy the views. We feel we have more to see and explore on our next trip to Italy. The only thing that we did not enjoy was the trash we noticed in Rome. Thank you to you and your company for all you did to make this great trip happen. We have and will recommend you to all we know.