Come Experience the Spoleto Festival of the Two Worlds

Spoleto Umbria Jazz Festival of the Two WorldEvery year in the quaint and historic town of Spoleto, located in the Umbria region, one of the most important artistic festivals in the world takes place during the summer months: the “Festival dei Due Mondi," or Festival of the Two Worlds. This exuberant event was first started in 1958 by composer Gian Carlo Menotti. Menotti hoped to fuse the artistic contributions of both the old world, Europe, and the new world, America, and generate mutual appreciation for Continue reading "Come Experience the Spoleto Festival of the Two Worlds"

Exploring the Unique History of Coffee in Trieste

Italian Espresso CupWhen tourists think of the best place for good coffee in the beautiful nation of Italy, famous towns such as Naples or Rome are often the first to come to mind. These cities, however, are not the only coffee spots in the country. On the opposite side of the peninsula, sharing a border with Slovenia, the city of Trieste is one of the most important coffee towns of the Italian nation. Continue reading "Exploring the Unique History of Coffee in Trieste"

Marche Region: an Alternative Itinerary for Nature, Art and White Truffle

As some may know, the delicious and exclusive white truffle can be found and savored not only in the Alba and Piedmont region, but also in the municipality of Acqualagna in Italy’s central region of Marche. Although Acqualagna’s population is only less than 5000, it is renowned throughout Europe for its centuries-old tradition of truffle gathering, production and marketing due to its climatic conditions which make it possible to harvest truffles year round. Continue reading "Marche Region: an Alternative Itinerary for Nature, Art and White Truffle"

Cremona: a Musical City with a Very Sweet Tooth

Have you ever climbed up and down a thousand steps in a narrow staircase?
Have you ever been to the place where some of the world’s finest violins come from?
Have you ever tasted sweet and delicious nougat?
If you can answer yes to at least at one of these questions then you know this is Cremona; a beautiful little jewel of a city right on the left bank of the Po river on the border between Lombardy and the Emilia Romagna regions of northern Italy.
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Capo Vaticano: white beaches and blue sea of Calabria

Ever considered Italy for your next seaside destination or simply do like the Italians do the “dolce far niente” which literally translates to “sweet doing nothing”, if you know what we mean? Whether you have or have not, let us suggest the coast that goes from Tropea to Capo Vaticano, in the province of Vibo Valentia which stretches along the Tyrrhenian coast. The scenery will leave you astonished with its mesmerizing beaches and sandbars between the mountains.
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Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore is an exciting destination in Northern Italy, snaking through the Southern Alps. The temperature remains mild throughout the year, with a fantastic tropical and subtropical plant life, providing the feel of an oasis for those who choose to enjoy waterskiing, sailing and diving in the summer months. Along the shore, you can find opportunities for hiking, fishing and picnicking in the lush forests and gardens.
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The Bernina Express

Ever wanted to visit a glacier, but not keen on arctic travels? The Bernina Express is a 2 and a half hour journey through some of Europe’s most beautiful terrains, starting from the warm Mediterranean climate of Italy and travelling through the Alpine meadows and glacial landscapes of Switzerland. Continue reading "The Bernina Express"

Sardinia: Outside Time and History

When spending a holiday in Italy, especially in summer time, we suggest including some days in Sardinia, an Island of stunning natural beauty, with regional parks and marine protected areas. People interested in excursions, geology, history, tradition, gastronomy or even simply wishing to relax at seaside, will find the ideal place to spend some time here.
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Como Lake (Lago di Como): ““I ask myself is this a dream?”

By a motorbike or through more sedate means, Como Lake is a dramatic place to visit, picturesque and exciting.  Even VIPs and the jet set have been increasing their interest in the area recently, buying magnificent villas and houses facing the mirrors of lake water.
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Italy: The Italian Fire Giants

Italy is a small country, and yet it contains all types of volcanoes that can be found in other areas of the world at distances of thousands of kilometers. Southern Italy, in particular, is like an enormous pressure cooker, with its three main volcanoes. Stromboli, Etna and Vesuvius are the most famous active volcanoes on Earth. Continue reading "Italy: The Italian Fire Giants"