Honeymoon Inspiration: Piedmont Is The Perfect Destination Choice!

Small town on the hills of Piedmont, Italy.The untouched Piedmont region can be considered a wonderful off-the-beaten path destination since most of the region lies outside of the focus of Italy’s mass tourism. It is known for its breathtaking mountains, charming villages, magnificent lakes, exquisite cuisine, and noteworthy wines. Turin, the first capital of Italy, is home to the Shroud of Turin, the largest Egyptian museum in Europe, lavish royal palaces, and eminent chocolate shops. Nearby Asti is known for its ancient structures, such as historical churches and the outer city walls, and for producing sweet wines, including Moscato d’Asti. Piedmont also offers a perfect destination for those seeking relaxation on the second largest lake in Italy: Lake Maggiore. Stresa, Arona, and Verbania are wonderful towns for enjoying a romantic picnic along the lake and taking in stunning panoramas. Continue reading "Honeymoon Inspiration: Piedmont Is The Perfect Destination Choice!"

Marche Region: an Alternative Itinerary for Nature, Art and White Truffle

As some may know, the delicious and exclusive white truffle can be found and savored not only in the Alba and Piedmont region, but also in the municipality of Acqualagna in Italy’s central region of Marche. Although Acqualagna’s population is only less than 5000, it is renowned throughout Europe for its centuries-old tradition of truffle gathering, production and marketing due to its climatic conditions which make it possible to harvest truffles year round. Continue reading "Marche Region: an Alternative Itinerary for Nature, Art and White Truffle"