The Tropea Onions Have Many Different Uses & Benefits

Calabria_Tropea_Red_onions_blgYou’re right, onions make you cry and in many cases can leave you with bad breath, but they are one of the most important vegetables in the Mediterranean diet. In Italy, there are many different types of onions for example, from Suasa, in the Marche region, or Breme, in the Lombardy region. Besides them, the red onions of Tropea, in the Calabria region, stand out all over the world for their sweetness and authentic flavor. Every respectable cook should have at least a couple of Tropea onions in his own kitchen. Continue reading "The Tropea Onions Have Many Different Uses & Benefits"

Italy History: Santuario Santa Maria dell’Isola in Tropea, Calabria

Calabria_Tropea_Santa_Maria_dell_Isola_church_blgIn Italy some sealed books are best retained by locals. Italians, especially in the south part of Italy, are very proud and jealous of their areas. Some hidden spots are confidential and reserved only for those who have connections in site or who have decided to live inside the boot shaped country. For this reason, tourists are practically inexistent in these places. One of these spots is the wonderful Tropea, in Calabria, where you could spot sometimes some Germans, but no other foreign tourists besides them. Continue reading "Italy History: Santuario Santa Maria dell’Isola in Tropea, Calabria"

Capo Vaticano: white beaches and blue sea of Calabria

Ever considered Italy for your next seaside destination or simply do like the Italians do the “dolce far niente” which literally translates to “sweet doing nothing”, if you know what we mean? Whether you have or have not, let us suggest the coast that goes from Tropea to Capo Vaticano, in the province of Vibo Valentia which stretches along the Tyrrhenian coast. The scenery will leave you astonished with its mesmerizing beaches and sandbars between the mountains.
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