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A detail of Pisa Cathedral facade Italy
A view of Arno waterfront in Pisa Italy

Pisa Culture

Because of their peripatetic nature, Pisans brought long-forgotten ideas of science, architecture and philosophy back to Europe from their trade travels.  Pisa's great variety of architectural styles in its monuments is testament to their exposure to different people, cultures and artistic concepts and to their willingness to blend and harmonize external influences into new and original forms of expression.


It was here that the refined Pisan-Romanesque style was born, Pisa's permanent legacy to the world's art, and where Galileo, one of the wor's greatest physicists and astronomers, and Leonardo Fibonacci, the great mathematician, were born, studied and taught.  Pisa's can also add its renowned University established in 1343 to its hall of fame, as it remains today one of Italy's top schools.


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