George and Lisa C

Florence Tuscany Areal View Duomo Cathedral
Review for Custom Vacation

We had an amazing time in Italy! Every second was truly unbelievably great! all the tours and activities you set up for us were appreciated, enjoyed, and loved! a couple highlights of the trip were the Vespa tour through Tuscany and the awesome cooking class with Lucia in Sorrento! we loved each city that we stopped in, had a great experience with all the travel accommodations and hotels. we couldn't say there was anything we disliked, the food was incredible, people were nice, easy to communicate even though we don't speak any Italian, and learning the culture and the different ways we live from each other was cool and something we'll never forget! we cant even begin to thank you enough for your services! we don't know what we would have done with out you setting this entire trip up for us! we will definitely use the next time we get the chance to visit Italy again! I have already recommended you to multiple friends looking to plan trips! Thank you so much!!!