Joan D.

Milan Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Architecture
Review for Custom Vacation

I am home now and have nothing but praise for my Italian tour.There were sixteen of us when the bus left Rome. We discovered we were all on different itineraries, which was an interesting concept, but our tour director, Pierre Luigi, looked after us all individually. At the end, only three of us were left, with Pierre Luigi and the driver, which was very pleasant The guided tours at all the different places were very interesting, especially as the guides were telling us about the places where they had been born and brought up. I think I liked the Sienna one best but they were all good. Everything was very efficiently organized and went according to plan. I have been very impressed with the whole vacation. Italy is fascinating, so full of history and wonderful works of art, including the churches and other buildings.On the last day Giulia was worried when Pierre Luigi changed the transfer plans for getting to Malpensa. However, he was solving my problem of how to get my luggage from the station to the Hotel, suggesting having the car meet me at La Scala where we were finishing the Milan tour. Giulia was afraid I would be missing out on Milan. However, I was very happy with the new arrangement Thank you, Giulia, for asking Reception at the S to see if I needed help at the terminal. It was good to feel I was still being looked after Thank you, then, Trips2Italy, for giving me such a fantastique holiday"