Things to do in Lazio
Things to do in Lazio

Things To Do In Lazio Itay

Often described as the cradle of civilization, the region of Lazio – bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea – boasts a wide variety of things to do. Home to Rome, the most popular tourist destination in all of Italy, the rest of Lazio can be overshadowed by the Eternal City’s inescapable allure. However, if willing to travel outside Italy’s capital city, visitors can experience a treasure trove of artistic villages, sacred religious locales, and stunning landscapes from beaches to mountaintops, allowing for an amazing and surprising array of experiences to enjoy.


Throughout the entire year, travelers can experience unique local events and festivals all over Lazio. Depending on when one is traveling, our Italy travel experts can add a variety of local festivities to your itinerary.

In June each year, Lazio is enrobed in the scent of spectacular flowers as the Infiorata Genzano (Festival of Flowers in Genzano) kicks off. For over 200 years, this festival has maintained its status as the best flower festival in the region. During the event, countless flowers are placed on Via Berardi to create artistic imagery. Millions of petals are used to map out the colors in giant images whose outlines are created by local artists on the pavement. Quite possibly the best part of the event is the Monday following the festival, when local children are let loose to play with and run through the flowers, destroying the spectacular images.

Every year in February in Ronciglione is a fantastic carnival. Derived from the Renaissance carnivals of Rome, this event celebrates Ussari, a historic cavalry from Europe. During the carnival, La corsa degli Ussari occurs – an amazing horse parade during which horses were used to race without riders even if, during the last years, this race was momentarily suspended for organizational reasons.

In April, the city of Viterbo hosts La Festa della Merca, a festival which celebrates the Maremma area’s purebred cows. During the festival, local Butteri (cowboys) mark calves and visitors are taught all about this local livestock.

From experiencing Sunday mass in St. Peter’s Square to enjoying any of the countless local festivals, immersing in the local culture is the best way to truly experience Lazio.


Trips 2 Italy’s travel experts always keep in mind the time of year when planning your vacation in order to include incredible seasonal activities that shouldn’t be missed.

A country that values fresh, seasonal produce in its famous cuisine, Italy features amazing food festivals – called sagre – throughout the year that are worth experiencing.

If traveling during August, the Sagra della fettuccina al fungo porcino (mushroom fettuccine festival) in Ascrea is a must-see. During September and October, travelers can enjoy the smells and flavors of seasonal chestnuts at the Sagra della Castagna (chestnut festival) in Soriano.




As with the rest of Italy, Lazio is a region that features a wide variety of landscapes and natural wonders. For travelers who are looking to experience the outdoors, we can arrange for many nature-focused activities in Lazio.

For true outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking, visit the Parco Naturale Regionale Marturanum, a park located in the Tuscia area which features everything from ancient ruins to stunning waterfalls – all surrounded by lush natural forests and accessible by hiking trails of varying levels of difficulty.

To enjoy nature while taking in the culture of local towns, visit Lake Bolsena. One of central Italy’s most famous lakes, the area offers wonderful views as well as charming lake towns, such as Bolsena or Capo Di Monte.

For those who want to soak up nature but still experience the country’s rich history, Giardini di Ninfa near Latina is a unique, gorgeous garden bursting with medieval architecture, beautiful flora, and an air of romanticism that helped inspire writers such as Virginia Woolf, Truman Capote, Ungaretti, and Moravia.


Whether purchasing souvenirs to take home or looking to shop like a local, we can recommend local shopping destinations in Lazio.

Rome is the region’s premier shopping destination. Several streets throughout the city are famous for their array of retailers, designers, and historic shops. A must-see for any shopper, these legendary streets include:

  • Via dei Condotti – Italian designer fashions, jewelry, boutique fashions
  • Via dei Coronari – Antiques and art nouveau
  • Via del Babuino – Designer furniture, lighting, and glass


For travelers hoping to stay indoors, there is no better way to experience Lazio than visiting the Vatican Museums in Vatican City. One of Italy’s top museums, the Vatican galleries feature some of the world’s greatest artistic achievements and masterpieces. From the iconic Sistine Chapel to the historic Raphael room and beyond, travelers can spend countless hours strolling the enormous complex and still not see everything.


When traveling with the whole family, Lazio has exciting and unique activities that are sure to please travelers of all ages.

To experience old-time Italy, take the family to Campodimele in Latina. This medieval town only has a population of 673. With tiny streets and the sensibilities of the past, a visit to this hidden gem is almost like traveling back in time.

Kids will enjoy the Parco dei Mostri di Bomarzo (Park of Monsters) in Bomarzo. Also known as the Gardens of Bomarzo, this complex features an array of unique sculptures and statues depicting “monsters” that are larger than life. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the gardens, the characters of the statues seem straight out of a storybook.

For a Summertime beach vacation, visit Isole Pontine. With pristine beaches, crystal waters, and a culture of leisure, this area of Lazio is perfect for a vacation filled with swimming, boating, snorkeling, diving, and more.

A unique activity for the whole family is experiencing a thermal spa in Viterbo. These open-air thermal baths are free to enjoy, and nearby spas offer relaxing treatments if travelers would like to take their relaxation to the next level.


Among all the popular sites and cities in Lazio – such as Rome, a place perfect for experiencing quintessential sightseeing and history of Italy – there are a variety of undiscovered, unique experiences to be had.

Not far from Rome is Tivoli, a medieval village built atop a waterfall and ancient Roman ruins. Nearby are three villas – D’Esta, Adriana, and Gregoriana – making this area a great place to see one of a kind, lesser known sites in Lazio.

For a haunting look at Italian history, see the Etruscan Necropolis at Cerveteri – an archeological site built somewhere between the 7th and 3rd centuries BC. Visitors can see the stone tombs which line the city’s small streets and take in the history of the Etruscan people.

An off the beaten path town to visit is Isola di Liri. Built around a waterfall and featuring a castle which overlooks the town, travelers are drawn to this location because of the unique way the city’s lights illuminate the waterfall.

Another “locals only” type locale is Sperlonga – a coastal town not far from Campania which offers travelers views of the sparkling sea, locally prepared seafood dishes, and unique architecture. This small spot is relatively unknown among tourists, making it a truly authentic experience.

A candidate to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site worth exploring is Civita di Bagnoregio. Also known as “the town that is dying”, the city is unique because of its position above a canyon which is endangered by environmental erosion. Over time, it’s possible that the canyon’s winds and natural erosion will destroy the city, but for now, it is a top tourist destination.

To experience more history, take a trip to see the Montecassino Abbey. Founded in 529 BC, this monastery is known for its holy history, rich culture, and stunning art.