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Lazio Things to Do

Every trip to Italy is an endless journey into culture and beauty. No other country in the world can boast the cultural and artistic treasures of Italy. More than half the's historical and artistic heritage is found in Italy. Evidence can be seen in every village. There are so many art treasures of such quality, spread across the country that Italy can rightly be considered an "open air" art gallery.


Each year is packed with special events, some linked to festivals of the Catholic Church, others to the changing seasons. Every little village in Italy has its own wonderful festivals. Many are associated with the harvest (especially wine) or to local products (polenta, prosciutto). The remainder tends to be historical re-enactments linked to jousting or to costumed cavalcades.


Art and culture, the pleasures of good food and music, traditional crafts and expressions of collective religion, folklore and contemporary art, opera and operetta, concert and theater Italy the calendar of festivals and events is practically endless.






Marino Wine Festival, October

Held in October, this annual event attracts thousands of people from all over the region. The highlight is when the fountains of the town start gushing sweet white wine, which is then distributed freely among the crowd. The event includes a procession, music, and period costumes.


Nemi, May - June

Nemi sits next to the small volcanic lake of the same name. Lake Nemi was referred to as the "Mirror of Diana" and was a favorite retreat in Roman times. Famed for its strawberries, you can take part in the Sagra delle Fragola, the famous strawberry festival, which is held in May until the end of June. If you want to get there for the main event do so for the first Sunday of June.


The Infiorata of Genzano, June, Genzano

For more than two centuries the festival of the "Infiorata" in June has proved to be the best of its type in Lazio. It involves the laying of thousands of flowers on Via Berardi in such a way as to create gigantic pictorial representations.

It all begins with the harvesting of the millions of petals two or three days before the event. They are kept fresh in local caves while the artists draw the outlines for their work on the paving stones in time for r the grand display on the Sunday.


Almost as impressive is the Monday following the event when dozens of local children are allowed to destroy the artwork by playing on it.



Calendar of Events



La Corsa degli Ussari

Carnival, February - Ronciglione

Horse race with a difference through the streets of the town. The difference? The horses have no riders to steer them.


Roman Artichoke Festival

April - Ladispoli

The coastal town of Ladispoli is overflowing with carciofi (artichokes) and carciofi-related food and events.


La Merca e il Trofeo dei Butteri

1st Sunday, April - Tarquinia

The famous Maremmana pure breed cows of the territory are branded in a festival dedicated to the local horsemen or "butteri".


May 1st Music Concert

1st May - Rome (Roma)

National and international names play for free at San Giovanni in the heart of Rome (Roma).



Corpus Domini, June - Genzano di Roma

A spectacular mix of color and art as one of the streets in the town becomes a canvas for millions of flower petals.


Amatrice festival

Final Sunday August - Amatrice

Expect to eat lots of bucatini all 'amatriciana with pecorino romano cheese.


Santa Rosa Festival

3rd September - Viterbo

A huge illuminated tower is carried through the historical center of Viterbo to the Church of Santa Rosa. A privileged 150 local men are chosen for the honor of taking part of the procession.


Sagra del Fungo Porcino

September - Vetralla

The biggest event in Vetralla all year. They are proud of their mushroom festival at Vetralla in northern Lazio. It takes place over the first two weekends in September and involves gastronomic stands, music, street artists, and even a lottery to take home a car.


October food festivals

October - Throughout Lazio

18 of the best food festivals that include polenta, celery, and sausages.


Marino wine festival

1st Week October - Marino

Freely flowing white wine and raucous fun in the Castelli Romani.



Side trips




The Etruscan Necropolis at Cerveteri is a uniquely haunting archeological site. Built by this prosperous people between the 7th and the 3rd centuries BC, the "city" is still not fully excavated, but there are a remarkable number of stone tombs lining little streets, and you can easily spend several hours exploring.

The enigmatic Etruscans built cities and ports that have long since disappeared, but the care and industry they put into the homes for their dead have resulted in a lasting monument. Explore the Banditaccia Necropolis site, a short distance outside Cerveteri. The major tombs are signposted, have steps for access, and lights for illumination. The best finds from the archeological digs are mostly in Rome (Roma), in the Villa Giulia Etruscan museum. But in the museum in Cerveteri, you can admire Etruscan art and artifacts found locally, including the contents of some of the tombs.


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