Italian Food: The History Of The Famous Pasta alla Carbonara

Bowl of delicious spaghetti Carbonara. Italian food.Pasta is one of the most worshipped meals in Italy. Easy to prepare, healthy and one of the specialities of the “Nonna” or “Mamma”, Italy’s unofficial pasta masters. The more you travel through Italy, the more you realize how many different kinds and varieties of pastas are available in every different region. Carbonara is well known all over the world and it is one of the essential dishes of Lazio and Abruzzo food culture. Continue reading "Italian Food: The History Of The Famous Pasta alla Carbonara"

Where Can We Take The Kids In Italy?

Rome Gladiator School for KidsIf you are thinking about a family vacation to Italy, you may worry that your younger children will be bored with the many museums, churches, ancient ruins and culture that you would like to explore throughout this beautiful country. But there are also some interesting and educational sights that your kids will think are just plain fun.

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Flower Festival of Genzano

Relax And Smell The Roses...Plus A Million Other Flowers

Genzano spring festival infiorataIn Italy, everything is about beauty, art and celebration. In the second week of June, they all come together in the “Infiorata”, or Flower Festival, held in Genzano, which is just outside of Rome.

It is a tradition that started in the 1700s, but it pays homage to the Christian celebration of Corpus Christi back in the 13th Century, when townspeople would throw sacrament petals during the procession through the streets.

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Italy wins an Oscar and it’s a “Great Beauty”

The Great Beauty Official PosterEven though the 86th Academy Awards were this last Sunday, native Italians are still celebrating the success of The Great Beauty (2013) By Paolo Sorrentino. The exciting news that The Great Beauty (La Grande Bellezza) won the Academy Award for best foreign language film has been the top story news story in Italy since its announcement early Monday morning local time. Not only have news stations, newspapers, and radios been boasting this proud moment in Italian cinematography history, but social media sites have been abuzz with the news as well. Continue reading "Italy wins an Oscar and it’s a “Great Beauty”"

Rome Italy The Eternal City

Rome Italy Trevi Fountain in the Eternal City Rome is the “Eternal City” Your journey through Rome can take you from the modern age to the Renaissance age and from the Medieval to Ancient times in a matter of minutes. A simple tour walk can reveal the mysteries of the ages.  This is one of the city’s greatest pleasures!

The Borgia Clan: Murder, Lust and The Vatican

Intrigued by the sexual play and political intrigues of the Borgia family? The recent hit miniseries certainly caters to the tastes of the sordid, but can such escapades really have happened?
History of contradictory Italian family that rule not only the Vatican...
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Rome: the Father of Methaphysical School

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome is hosting a great exhibition dedicated to the Italian artist and founder of metaphysical art movement: Giorgio De Chirico.  Born of an Italian noble family in 1888 in Greece, he was educated in Munich where he was influenced by the philosopher Nietzsche.
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Rome: the National Museum of Italian Emigration

The National Museum of Italian Emigration, a new museum promoted by the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Culture, has opened in Rome.

It covers every aspect of the emigration phenomenon, from the economic, social and cultural points of view. The museum is laid out in chronological order and covers themes such as recruiting, boarding, housing, types of work, integration and discrimination. Continue reading "Rome: the National Museum of Italian Emigration"

Leonardo Da Vinci: The Genius and his inventions

Rome hosts till April 2010 the exhibition dedicated to Leonardo Da Vinci, the universal talent of Italian Renaissance, and the embodiment of the spirit of his age. An eclectic man, he was engineer, mathematician, anatomist, painter and architect, who wrote and drew all his life long.  Continue reading "Leonardo Da Vinci: The Genius and his inventions"