Authentic Pesto Sauce of Genoa

Pesto Souce Ancient architecture, beautiful landscapes, and a thriving culture characterize Genoa. Although this diverse city is most commonly known as the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, there is much more to Genoa. As Italy’s largest seaport Genoa has drawn people to its quaint alleyways, historic churches, noble castles, monuments, and museums. Additionally, this historic city is also the home of one of the most famous sauces across the world, the pesto. Continue reading "Authentic Pesto Sauce of Genoa"

Columbus has brought the Blue Jeans to America!

blue jeans are from Genoa ItalyBlue Jeans... did you know this super popular garment has Italian origins? Its name comes from the particular blue fabric that was once worn by the dockworkers in the port of Genova, in the Liguria region. They were always traveling around the world and thus, brought what we know as denim to the shores of the New World becoming immediately a success..