Italy Cities: Dive into Polignano a Mare In Bari, Apulia

Polignano al mare, ItalyPolignano a Mare is a charming seaside town located near Bari in the Apulia region of southern Italy. Its name, meaning “Polignano at Sea”, could not be more appropriate since the town rests atop a limestone cliff that suspends it 65 feet directly above the Adriatic Sea. This ancient town was founded by the Greeks in the 4th century BC and it is considered one of the most important historical settlements in Apulia. Today, Polignano a Mare is filled with countless structures that reflect the town’s long and varied history. When walking through the city center, visitors will find streets made of stone, lovely white buildings, inviting piazzas, and panoramic terraces that provide absolutely breathtaking views of the sea below. Continue reading "Italy Cities: Dive into Polignano a Mare In Bari, Apulia"

Olives and Apulia (Puglia)

Olives on tree in Apulia ItalyItalian cuisine is undoubtedly a feast for the senses. Homemade pastas, fresh vegetables and virgin olive oil are staples of the Italian diet.  Apulia region is the queen of the Mediterranean diet and fresh fish is always available, whether you are looking for a romantic dinner or a simple healthy lunch. Have a look  at the Apulia region on Trips2Italy web site.

Pizzica and Tarantella: Folk Traditions of Apulia

Pizzica and Taranta DancersFolklore is a large part of Italy and even more so, in the Apulia region located in what is the heel of Italy’s “boot” shape. In this particular region, folk dances are very popular and have their roots in Ancient Greece. The “Pizzica” is a traditional dance popular throughout the Salentine peninsula along with the “Tarantella”. These ritualistic dances were performed in honor of the gods of music and sun (Apollo) and wine (Dionysus). Continue reading "Pizzica and Tarantella: Folk Traditions of Apulia"

Have you ever heard about Alberobello?

Although it is an UNESCO site, Alberobello is unfortunately rather unknown. In a place of rolling green hills, dotted with almond and olive trees, not far from Bari and Taranto (Apulia), you cannot miss visiting the town, named for the primitive forests of Arboris belli, which once covered the area, where over 1000 trulli mass together.
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